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First ride todayWOW!!!!!!!!

Simi completed the bike today, a few loose ends to complete, have to replace on cable, however everything works on the bike. Started from my drive way just coasting down the drive and so on for a good hour getting use to the bike and getting my balance down. Took off for a short ride 30 to 45 minutes bike is smooth, quick, responsive and fun to ride, did I say fun to ride. I have not ridden for over a year due to so many  neck surgeries, this was a certain thrill and no neck pain, think my legs booty and arms will be sore tomorrow and it is welcome, I CAN RIDE AGAIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile. LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING GOOD ON THIS BIKE SO I CAN RIDE WITH SOME CLUBS AGAIN SOON. I wanted to add a few pictures, check out my mirrors mounted on my shifters and my speedometer just below the steering yoke. I will be purchasing a set of red spoke Spinergy wheels check out the picture the red pops on the bike. the House of Tandem in north Houston (Spring, TX) helped me out on some cable set up and other things. my new bike shop. only other bike shop that would help me is 50 miles away. i was surprised most upright bike shops were not interested in helping me out much, lots of anti-bent shops in north Houston????? their loss not mine!smiley