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Hey Marc, you got Crud

Hey Marc, you got Crud RoadRacers on the back but why not the front? What size tyres are you using? Mine are 23mm so it wasn't too difficult to get the clearance -- wondering how tight/possible it is with a 25 or 28mm tyre.

Here's my baby. One of the few with the older white-only logo lettering. I really like the large Topeak saddle bag and how it fits under the cage. A few weeks ago, I strengthened the Minoura "under saddle" bottle cage holder with some cable-ties to the headrest. This worked to make it more solid as the weight of the bottle used to make it tip backward over a few hours. Now it is rock solid which is a good thing for my rear light positioning.

Last night, I attached a nice small bag to my frame. It is a really nice netbook sized bag that my wife no longer uses so I commandeered it. I removed the shoulder strap, and the loops where the shoulder strap usually attaches now have black velcro straps through them. These double-sided black velcro straps loop tightly around the frame (not the seat) and I now leave them on the frame as you don't even notice them. The small red bag provides less aero drag than my other larger panniers. Ultra-light touring anyone?

What's next to tweak? I would love to make my headrest height adjustable as I think I could benefit from it being a bit lower. And I want to try bullhorn-brifters like Ratz pioneered, and what Marc has above! I think I've done around 4000-5000km on this bike so far.