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Now Spring is really here

Each spring when the tree blooms we take our photos for that winters project. This year it was the Silvo's turn.

These were taken after logging about 100 miles over the memorial day weekend. After that many miles and the best photo op was in the front yard.

The tree would normally look better in a few days but they are predicting rain which will probably mean this is the peak bloom this year.

Horns up and ready to run

Keep thinking I should photo shop out the KickStand just to continue the trend.

Sitting up on a 6 ft tall ledge fortunately there was no wind this time.

Between the water bladder, the boom bottle and a third no pictured; I finish the 75 mile ride with water left over. Should be great for those 100 milers in the summer heat.

Was going to link in the hirez offsite stuff but Apparently I'm just a spammer   Smile