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This is going to be different

This is going to be different for everyone and also depend on your determination. Some people throw up their hands after a few tries of anything new, don't change up technique when something is not working, etc etc. Others have resolve and envision success - they usually are.

These bikes are NOT hard to learn to ride. Thinking it is hard makes it hard. Don't get me wrong some things are hard but these are very intuitive in my opinion. The idea of a steep learning curve is largely a manufactured reality. My 10 year old was riding a 26" Q equipped with crank shorteners after about 2.5 minutes. Nearly all of her previous cycling experience has been on a Terratrike Rambler. Her first time trying the 200m running start race (after all of 1 hour riding time) at PIR she maintained 18 mph for 200m. She also did 2 10 mile time trials on it. She never once said to herself that it was going to be hard. She got on it and intuition took over after she saw several people riding one successfully. After a few false starts of her own she was underway.

Adults manufacture realities of the impossible.
I envision that YOU will have great success!!!! Smile