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sat and sun rides

Saturday I was out and blew my rear tire at mile 9 hit a small Peice of metal that ripped a 1.5 inch hole in my continental 25c tire bike was very stable as i slowed down from 22 miles an hour, awesome repaired and replace tire and tube, ride ready for sunday

Sunday rode with my club in north houston blew the doors off of 8 uprights on a mile long 5 % hill, by the time i hit the cut off i could not even see them, I cut my ride short to 23 miles since i lost my speedometer. The bike is awesome i can accerlate fast and will start clipping in this coming week, i did for a mile or so this weekend and WOW lots more power and speed spinning.

I just realized for years i have had this horrible knee problem due to an injury, it would swell up and i would have to ice it after rides, i have noticed no knee pain after riding my silvio or swelling, my knee is actually getting stronger since my start on the silvio. The silvio has also been key in my building my upper strength and grip back up since 4 neck surgeries. This bike has been an incredible blessing for my health.

Glad i purchased the bike and love riding the bike It is Awesome