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my performance thus for

Ivan, my performance is increasing, on my old DF bikes it was falling off ( My Bike: 2010 Orbea Orca, ultegra groupo, mavic R-sys carbon spoke wheels super stiff ad fast on hills) I just clipped into my SPD petals for part of the ride about 10% of my ride. I did go full time on my morning ride today. Will be clipping in on my sunday group ride tomorrow. I won't be competing anytime soon LOL but it feels nice to have a strong grip again.

Rick I call my bike My physical therapist, I am getting healthier riding this bike over my DF bikes! after 4 neck surgeries i had lost hope on recovering any upper body tone and strenght, my silvio has helped me regain alot back, that is a hidden surprise riding a cruszbike.

I rode our club charity ride the fourth north of houston, about 1000 to 1500 riders on the ride just 20, 32 or 64 miles extremely hilly. I only did 35 before the rain started coming in, However i rode this much better than before, I passed about 150 riders after the start putting me in the top 35 percent, I have not done that in a 7 years.

Many at the ride had never heard of or seen a cruzbike. many people were very interested in my bike, told them where to go check them out.

I still have several people in my sunday ride group that remain cynical towardsthe bike, I reassured them i did not need their approval on my bike choice LOL. One lady keeps insisting that you only work your glutes on a recumbent, she is hard headed and does not understand that more muscles are worked on this bike than on uprights. LOL they will learn when I am a little faster and leave them behind on a hill soon LOL!!!!!
All I have to say is I have not felt this passionate about bike riding in years!