The Cruzbike Recumbent FWD system converts a dual suspension mountain bike to recumbent using front wheel drive (FWD).

You can now have an extremely competent recumbent bike at low cost. The Cruzbike Recumbent features two 26 inch wheels, front and rear suspension, compact drive train and a comfortable riding position.

You can obtain your own y-frame mountain bike, then purchase the Cruzbike Recumbent Kit and assemble yourself using our detailed fitting instructions. We recommend you have your local bike shop look it over before you ride it. Or, you can give the kit and instructions to your local bike shop and have them do the installation for you.

The conversion kit includes everything you need to easily convert an inexpensive but good quality mountain bike to a recumbent cruiser: the Cruzbike Recumbent. The conversion is based on our unique and patented front triangle and is complemented by our contoured Cruzbike Recumbent Seat.

Basically, the conversion kit adds a new triangle on the front of the bike to carry the crank set. Adding this conversion kit to a y-frame mountain bike with a low cross bar for mounting the seat gives a comfortable and safe riding position. Other types of bike with a low cross bar can also be converted even if they have no suspension.

Discard that awful hard saddle, but keep almost everything else! Smile

This simple and reversible conversion lets you use all the original bike parts without replacement, including the pedals, gears, wheels, handlebars and so on, except for the saddle. A few new pieces of framework are added to the front of the bike and carry the pedals, gears, chain etc., so that they drive the front wheel. Front Wheel Drive (FWD) has come a long way since being used on a penny farthing.

The Cruzbike Recumbent Seat fits onto the frame and the back is held rigid by the seat post.

At any time, the kit can be moved to another bike. And the old bike - since the conversion is FULLY reversible - can be put back just the way it was. The old bike can be ridden as a mountain bike again or it can be upgraded to a better bike for making another Cruzbike Recumbent. The Cruzbike Recumbent Kit allows you to take advantage of huge production runs and great economies of scale.

The New Front Triangle... Hey! It fits!

It sure does fit. The rear wheel complete with its sprockets fits the front forks while retaining the all-important steering geometry. The head stem extension is available for threaded headsets.

To fit any rider, adjust the Cruzbike Recumbent Seat; both the tilt of the seat base and the tilt of the seat back can be adjusted.

There is plenty of height and reach adjustment on the handlebars.

The distance of the pedals to the seat adjusts similarly to the seat post on a normal bike using the top bar of the front triangle.

The front derailleur fits because the angle of the top bar to the chainstay is pretty well the same as on a regular bike. The rear derailleur fits into the new front dropouts whether it is a screw-on type derailleur or the type with a flange that is held under the axle bolt.

Rigid Triangle, Quality Components

The drive train is solid, compact, and does not flex because it is mounted on the new front triangle (actually, a tetrahedral structure). The stiff structure preserves precious pedal power.

On the Cruzbike Recumbent, the pedals and front wheel turn together when you steer.

Build your own recumbent the smart way. If you have some knowledge of bicycle mechanics you have all the skills needed to convert a bike to a Cruzbike Recumbent. 

Putting the Suspension to Good Use

Front wheel drive benefits from suspension that helps keep the front wheel in constant, even contact with the pavement. Also, on any recumbent, suspension on the rear helps to protect the spine.

Bikes with dual suspension can have high-pressure tires fitted to significantly reduce rolling resistance without creating a harsh or uncomfortable ride. Dual suspension mountain bikes with a good range of gears are available at reasonable prices. With a low cross bar, the Cruzbike Recumbent Seat can be fitted to achieve a good center of gravity.

The Cruzbike Recumbent places the rider at the same height as most car drivers to promote visibility.

Steering Geometry

The rear shock absorber on a dual suspension mountain bike has some adjustment ability. You can use this adjustment to control the way the bike handles. If you lower the rear suspension triangle the back of the bike lifts up and this makes the steering head more vertical. Doing this will make the bike easier to ride at slow speeds.

Or, if you lower the back of the bike, you also lower the head stem and you will feel more 'fork flop' at very low speeds -- but this will increase trail and give a more firm feel to the handling. It will also lower the seat in relation to the pedals to give you a more aerodynamic bike.

The Cruzbike Recumbent is a great way to express your own individual style and get a quality recumbent bike at an all-time low price.

Donor Selection

Check this blog entry for notes on choice of your donor bike.

Note: Cruzbike recumbent bikes should be enjoyed on smooth roads and paths, if you take your Cruzbike on rough surfaces, the bike should be examined carefully afterward for loose connections, bolts or damage to fork and frame.  





1 Bottom Bracket Shell, Chainstay and Pivot Bearings

2. Adjustable length Top tube with Bushing assemblies at each end

3. Head Stem Extension Tube

4. Various fittings as required

Seat Set

Cruzbike Seat comprising of pressed Seat Pan and matching pressed Seat Back and a special mounting bracket to attach to any top tube.

Cushion Set

Dual layer cushions with soft polyester foam top layer covered with NBA eyelet polyester mesh covers.





Components are not offered with the conversion kit.


Folding converted bike:
- Charles (norwalk, United States)
After the two hours on Sunday I started feeling a strange vibration coming up my upper body, and concentrating in my face. Suddenly I realized it was just a big smile…
- Jose E M (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
It's happy days on my new head turning, smile provoking bike.
- Cameron (Wyndham, Australia)
I have been reading about the Cruzbike on the internet for years and finally took the plunge. I found a lightly used Y-frame bike on Craigslist for $75, bought a conversion kit online, and I could not be more happy with the final product. Putting the kit together and learning to ride the new bike was a little harder than I expected, but it was all worth it. I can ride 30+ miles at a time in total comfort, and with my previous bike it was uncomfortable to go even 10-20 miles. I also average 3-4 mph more with the same effort. Again, I could not be more happy with my decision.
- Joel (Olathe, United States)
I wanted to try the concept with a donor bike that I had. I built the bike with a donor then rode it for a while. I then bought the needed pieces to complete the bike with the V2/K frame set to make it faster. My best average mph on the bike path I use was 13.6 mph with an Easy Racers Gold Rush. The first time out with the final Cruzbike conversion was 14.7 mph. A significant increase in speed for a 67 year old.
- Ron