Cruzbike Seat


The Cruzbike Recumbent seat is a hard shell seat specially shaped and with special cushioning designed for any recumbent bicycle.

The Cruzbike Recumbent Seat is comfortable, provides proper ergonomic support and looks good. The shape of the seat suits the traditional tubular bike frame, while being comfortable and lightweight.

The Cruzbike Recumbent seat weighs just 1.7 Kg including fittings and attachments and has a distinctive look that will enhance the image of any recumbent bike it is fitted to. The main features are as follows:

The seat has breathable foam with a washable covering that is able to absorb and smooth out the lumps and bumps of thick clothing to give a comfortable secure ride. Testing was done wearing levi’s jeans worn with a thick belt as well as with thin, lightweight cycling clothing.
The seat shell was given an ergonomic shape that looks pleasing and provides the right level of support from the buttocks up to the back; while being inherently strong, rigid and light.
A versatile system of fixing is supplied with the seat that is adaptable to many different bike frames, offers plenty of adjustment, yet is still lightweight and strong.

1) The seat cushions

The cushion is made from a 1 cm thick piece of closed cell foam overlaid with a 2.5cm thick piece of open cell polyester high-density foam. The closed cell foam absorbs the lumps and bumps of most clothing, while the open cell foam allows for as much breathing as possible.

Perspiration is given the maximum chance to evaporate and provide cooling. The seat shape offers support only where it is needed, so does not wrap around the body and this ensures that nearly all the body’s surface area is available to the cooling air. In cold climates the seat is comfortable wearing thick clothing.

The cushion covers are made from sports grade polyester mesh and fastened with velcro to the seat shell. They can be pulled off in a flash and easily hand washed. Some commercial recumbents are supplied without a cover to the polyester foam but riders find the open cell foam to be scratchy against the skin if worn with shorts or without a shirt. Use of cushion covers provides a choice of colour.

With the Cruzbike Recumbent Seat you will be comfortable whether you are wearing a trench coat or a bikini!
2) The Seat Shell

The shape of the Cruzbike Recumbent seat blends well with a bicycle’s tubular framework. The visual results speak for themselves. (The standard recumbent seat, formed from two tubes strung with mesh can look odd.)

The shape of the seat base cups the buttocks and the adjustable tilt prevents "recumbent butt". The seat back has lumbar support and the tapered shape of the top of the seat back positions comfortably between the shoulder blades. Feeling the position of the bike this way gives a positive sense of the degree of lean of the bike - so important to the handling of a recumbent bike.

The seat shells are made from aluminium and are powder coated. The shells are formed using a special tool to create the unique three-dimensional shape.

The edges are trimmed with a hardwearing black protective plastic strip. This is nice to the touch and protects the seat from damage should the bike happen to fall over.

Engineering grade safety reflective tape is fitted to the back of the seat to enhance night time visibility. And below that there are predrilled mounting points to allow you to carry a drink bottle on either each side.
3) The Seat Mounting

The all important seat mounting means the Cruzbike Recumbent seat can fit virtually any recumbent bike. The mounting requires

a roughly horizontal cross bar tube running underneath, which can be ovalised or circular of varying dimensions.
a tube to take a seat post somewhere behind the seat.

The seat base is curved front to back to a radius of approximately 60cm and is bolted onto a similarly shaped seat support. By sliding the seat base backwards and forwards on the seat support, the angle of the seat is adjustable in increments of 2 degrees. By the same method, the seat can be mounted to a cross bar that is not horizontal as with many of today’s bikes.

The seat base is bolted to the seat support by four high tensile button head allen key bolts.

The seat support has a saddle that is placed over the cross bar with a thin strip of rubber in between. The support is fastened with stainless steel hose clamps or with u-bolts and grips the cross bar tightly. The rubber means it can grip tight without scratching the paintwork.

The seat back is held by saddle rails, again mounted with high tensile bolts. These saddle rails connect to a seat post via the common saddle rail clamp, which provides a versatile, inexpensive yet robust connection.

The two seat shells (the seat base and the seat back) are bolted together but separated by rubber washers to allow 20 to 30 degrees of hinging.

Thus the mounting arrangements are strong and light; yet provide independent adjustment to the tilt of the seat base and the angle of the seat back.

Feature Summary

Seat Shell:
Seat Back angle adjustment +/- 15°
Seat Base tilt adjustment +/- 10°
Universal seat rail clamp fitting for seat back
Universal seat support bracket
High tensile mounting bolts
Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

Cushion covers in sports grade black polyester mesh
Two layers of foam padding - breathable open cell polyester foam over closed cell rubber foam.
Velcro attachment for cushion covers.

Weight: 0.45 lbs (0.2 kg)

Parts list

The Cruzbike Recumbent Seat has the following items:
1. Seat Shells (2)
2. Seat Cushions (2)
3. Seat Back Mounting Rails and fixings
4. Seat Support Bracket and fixings

Total Weight: 3.85 lbs (1.7 kg)