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Feb 29, 2008
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Doug Burton

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Feb 16, 2018 at 10:17 AM
    1. WOB
      Incidentally, one of my Quests is a V2 and I’d like to lock out the front shock; or replace it with a fixed one if those weigh less.
      Can you assist me with those two pieces of information? (come to think of it, I’d also be curious as to weight difference between the short & long chainstays for the Quest)
      Hope this finds you well and thanks for your time & insights! Bill
    2. WOB
      Hi Doug,
      In looking at an older post on adjustment of the Diatech Comp headset, I’ve been meaning to relate that I find it preferable to invert the bike and position it in such a way that the headset is pretty much vertical. Else when upright I find that the offset angle of fork/wheel tends to cant things and makes it harder to adjust.
      I presume this headset is still being used on QX100 and hence remains relevent?
    3. Dave Killen
      Dave Killen
      I've have been off the board for a couple of years. I just logged back on and find that there seems to have been a major change in things.

      Can you tell me what is going on with John and the Parkers?

      Is there a presence of Curz bikes in Portland OR?

      Thanks for filling me in.

      Dave Killen
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