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  1. Paruig

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    135mm wide Fork would allow the use of either Rohloff Speedhub or SRAM DualDrive - a great improvement over derailleur systems.

    Road wheels (130mm) could be used with the use of spacers as in some other designs.

    What about redesigning the fork for 135mm hubs and wider tyres John?
  2. baov

    baov Active Member

    Don't think it will happen

    Don't think it will happen ever. They meant the Silvio to be a race bike and nothing more.
    I wish though, if the Vendetta is already a race bike, the Silvio should be the versatile bike.
  3. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    The new fork is 132.5. Some

    The new fork is 132.5. Some road bikes are coming out with 132.5 so they can take 130 road or 135 hubs with disk rotors. This new fork should accept an internally geared hub (IGH).

    As to whether the IGH is an improvement over a derailleur system, that depends entirely on the goals of the rider. It would not be an improvement on MY Silvio, for example.
  4. baov

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    It's true a 132.5mm distance

    It's true a 132.5mm distance could fit a 135mm hub... on steel. I'm nervous about spreading aluminum. Will i void my warranty by putting in a 135mm IGH? [​IMG]

    EDIT: Did you say disc? I wasn't sure from the picture if i was seeing disc bosses and it didn't say from the specs. It should be advertised!!
  5. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master

    Disc tabs have been standard

    Disc tabs have been standard on both the Silvio 2 and Vendetta 2 for a while now, it's not something new, however the 132.5 mm fork is new to this generation of Silvio S30. And I believe on the next generation Vendetta?
  6. BentBierz

    BentBierz Well-Known Member

    Is the 132.5 an option for

    Is the 132.5 an option for older 2.0s and I am curious as well about spreading the fork albeit only 1.25mm on each side.
  7. BentBierz

    BentBierz Well-Known Member


  8. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    The 132.5 is available in the

    The 132.5 is available in the PRESENT edition. Earlier editions have 130.

    If you are asking if we can upgrade old editions kind of like software, then nope. :)
  9. BentBierz

    BentBierz Well-Known Member

    Roger that...

    Roger that...
  10. georgec

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    FWIW I installed a Nexus 8 speed IGH in a Silvio

    FWIW I installed a Nexus 8 speed IGH in a Silvio (v 1.5?) bought ~26 mos ago.

    I ground the Nexus 8 "lock nut for left hand cone" down to reduce its thickness. This reduced the assembled width of the hub to ~133 cm. I also modified the dropouts to accept the Nexus no-turn washers.

    Some details are shown here...


    However, a problem with this approach of grinding the thickness of the no-turn washers down is that it weakens them and one of them failed on me.

    So, a year ago I improved the dropout modification by boring completely through the dropouts and modifying the Nexus axle nuts to allow use of un-modified nexus no-turn washers and a large retaining washer for the dropouts. I also installed a chain tensioner by boring and threading a 10mm hole in one dropout. Since then this modified dropout IGH hub scheme has been totally trouble free.

    The fork does have to be sprung ~2cm to get the hub in. But this has been no problem so far.

  11. BentBierz

    BentBierz Well-Known Member

    John Said...

    I might belatedly add that, "nope", I was not thinking of an upgrade like in the software world (this is after all a bike forum) but more like what ICE, HP and any number of other "bike" manufactures frequently offer as upgrade options to previous model customers...
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