2 Cruzbike Quests for sale

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  1. wally smith

    wally smith New Member

    I have 2 Cruzbike Quests for sale, original models with 451 wheels. The price is $750 each or $1300 for both, firm, delivery to be negotiated. (We are in Vermont.) For details and photos, please go to this link: www.wallyandbarbara.com/cruzbikes.html
  2. seanjmw

    seanjmw New Member


    I am very interested! would you consider posting one to sweden?
  3. RoyR

    RoyR New Member

    I realize my question is not

    I realize my question is not related to your sale but I wanted to ask how much the maximum total weight was that you carried on your tours (rider plus all gear)?


  4. hrodrigo

    hrodrigo New Member


    Still Available?
  5. sanchito6

    sanchito6 New Member

    Are the bikes still available

    Are the bikes still available I am intersted in one.
  6. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    They are sold...

    Not sure wally stops by that often. but They are sold... (currently located in my garage)
  7. sanchito6

    sanchito6 New Member

    OK,well if your ever decide

    OK,well if your ever decide to sell one let me know.
  8. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    in my garage...

    So you're the one. I was first up to buy but Wally at the last moment mentioned a couple from New Hampshire wanted to drive up. And poof, they were gone.

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