A couple of Silvio 2.0 ride videos

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  1. Rick Youngblood

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    The first video is slow maneuvers through a campground with speed bumps and tight turns below the Shasta Dam, then on to the Sacramento River Trail at 20-22 mph and if you did not get too bored, there is light at the end of the tunnel towards the end. The camera angle makes this video interest as it shows the working of the MBB wheel.

    ...and this video is from high up on my helmet demonstrating some downhill with extremely rough terrain. Speeds were only between 20-34 mph due to the road surface being rough. I can not get close to these speed on any of my other bents due to lack of suspension.

  2. ak-tux

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    Great ride! I like your

    Great ride! I like your cadence nice and high.Are those short cranks?. You seem to be coasting quite fast! Is this mostly downhill?

    Using a light portable tripod you can record yourself as you ride by two or three times at different points of your ride to give the video more camera viewing angles. Otherwise, it's really nice.
  3. Rick Youngblood

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    The cranks are 165mm.

    The cranks are 165mm.

    The second video is down hill, the camera does not give good feedback about hills and terrain.
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    I am enjoying your videos...

    and hoping to begin making some of my own memories on my new late model 2013 Silvio 2.0 when it gets here next week sometime.

    Please keep them coming.


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