Another Brain Box Mount for Vendetta

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  1. OK, Eric posted his Brain Box Mount for his Vendetta, so I will post mine too. I'd guess that Eric's is lighter than mine, but mine requires fewer skills to build! :)

    Mine supports the Brain Box from the bottom, like a tray. I don't use any of the Brain Box mounting flaps or materials at all. I've ridden a few hundred miles with it and I am very pleased. It does not move around at all and I've carried two 70 oz camelbak bladders weighing about 10 lbs inside the Brain Box.

    First, I cut a paddle shape out of a piece of hardwood plywood that I found laying around in my garage. The handle part will insert into the Vendetta frame under the headrest tubes. The paddle part is the same dimensions as the Brain Box.


    I also cut a skinny piece of wood to reinforce the handle and to provide a snug fit into the Vendetta frame. I just used wood glue to attach the two pieces of wood. I had to shape the handle a bit with a sander to make it fit into the Vendetta frame.


    The bolts you see in the photo above are to help hold the handle to the frame. There is a flat piece of metal on the top side of the headrest tubes. The bolts are used to clamp the handle to the headrest tubes. Once this is done, the paddle doesn't move at all.

    Here's a top view of the how the bolts connect. That flat piece of metal is actually a short piece of electrical conduit hammered flat. I wrapped it in electrical tape so it wouldn't scratch up the headrest tubes, and also to provide more friction. I had to cut it diagonally on one side because there was a little interference with the seat. I used wingnuts so I could easily remove it.


    Finally, I painted the paddle yellow to match the bike (well, almost). The yellow paddle increases rear visibility, I think. I drilled a few holes in corners of the paddle to put some wire though to hold down the Brain Box. I also attached a bar where I can mount some lights.



  2. Jim Gerwing

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    Function follows form

    [​IMG]I like the idea of using materials that are readily available. Do you get a performance benefit? With 10 pounds of water on board I would guess not. Here is my cardboard tail box 2.0 which convinced me of two things: a) using cardboard in this way has some limitations and b) my goal is aero advantage so I need a radical departure from this (and previous) version.
  3. Eric Winn

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    Weird, when I open your

    Weird, when I open your antigravity picture in a separate tab by itself it is oriented correctly and a bit bigger.

    Looking at the page HTML it is also using the exact same URL.

    Are you entering values for some of the settings or just uploading your photo to the server?


    PS - This is likely to take you out of the stock class and put you in with the faired crowd - most of which is likely to still be a lot faster than you because of still better aero than this. Just say'n....
  4. Hi Jim,  Yes, I see a

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, I see a performance benefit because I don't go thirsty! :)

    I'm not trying to add aero benefit. John T. has done enough of that for me already. I am just trying to make a good place for my stuff.

    I am more of a distance rider than a sprinter. I like to ride centuries and metric centuries. With the amount of water that I carry, I can go about 80 to 100 miles without having to stop for water. For me, that probably makes up for the aero benefit of a tailbox. If I were a sprinter, that would probably be a different story.

  5. Well placing your water

    Well, placing your water directly behind your head like that does provide you with a good aerodynamic drag reduction. And wow, we either ride in different climates or you carry a lot of water. I carry two 21 oz water bottles and a 40 oz Nalgene and I still need to refill every 30-40 miles.
  6. I carry a lot of water!    I

    I carry a lot of water! I usually take two 70 oz camelbak bladders on my Saturday rides.

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