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Discussion in 'Sofrider' started by gannet, May 17, 2014.

  1. gannet

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    Not sure which is the best forum for this, but I'd most likely be electrifying a Softrider, so here goes.

    A very different and interesting looking electric motor option. Still in development, so we'll have to see if/how it works. 600 Watts peak sounds a lot to get through the small contact area. Hmmmmm.
    If they do work out, I figure they would fit very nicely on the rear wheel of a Cruzbike.
    They suggest they will not be selling kits to individuals. Pity. If they are good, we'll need to work around that!

    Curiously they have very little on their own website - using the FB option instead

  2. Jim Parker

    Jim Parker Cruzbike, Inc. Director Staff Member


    We have a Sofrider here in NC with a very heavy battery and hub motor on the rear wheel. It's very fun to ride, but not so fun to load in the car. Adding electric assist to make a FWD bike "all-wheel-drive" is very tempting. All recumbents can be tricky getting started from a stop, especially an uphill start. That's where the e-assist is really great. My brother lives in San Francisco, which has crazy hills, and he commutes on an electric Sofrider.

    The little 3-4 lb Velogical rim drive may be the perfect solution. Sure, it only has a 12 mile range, but if you only use it for smooth starts, that can last a long time.

    There is an attorney tapping me on the shoulder reminding me to say "please note that adding gas or electric-assist voids the warranty and, for liability reasons, we can not officially recommend you make these modifications. If you choose to make these modifications, we will give advice as best we can, but you must accept any risk involved."

    Still, I hope this little rim-drive motor makes it to production because I agree it would make a good match with a Cruzbike.

  3. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Interesting but what happens

    Interesting but what happens when you are riding in the rain? I like the looks of their generator and I can see where it would still work well on a wet rim but I have to wonder about if this will just slip when everything is wet.

  4. Jim Parker

    Jim Parker Cruzbike, Inc. Director Staff Member

    rim drive in the rain

    Hi Eric,
    Good point. Maybe this drive system need a custom made wheel with a bit of extra rim to allow a toothed interface so slippery conditions wouldn't cause the drive to slip. That wouldn't add much weight.
  5. gannet

    gannet Member

    Yes, rain would really test

    Yes, rain would really test the tiny contact patch - which is questionable anyway.
    As for the tiny battery, I'm sure those with a bit of experience could connect up something bigger. I'm keen to boost my electrical skills enough to be able to do stuff like this.
    And as for warranty, I'd say my bike is well past that anyway!

    So - we wait and see !
  6. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    This looks like a very cute

    This looks like a very cute system, but I too am concerned about slipping, etc. But maybe it's not a problem (gripping on both sides of the wheel is pretty clever - I'd love to read reviews of this).
  7. AbramClark

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    This looks excellent. First thing I've seen that would be appropriate for lightweight frames with delicate forks.

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