Anyone done multi-day rides on there 2.0 yet?

Discussion in 'Road Series (S1.x, S2.x, S30)' started by marshall2389, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Has anyone done any self-supported multi-day rides yet? If so, how'd it go?
  2. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    I am so wanting to do this.

    I am so wanting to do this. Got my gear and Silvio nicely setup, some possible routes laid out - but not a schedule as to when yet.
  3. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    Silivo 1.5 Ultra light camping

    I've been working down the weight and volume of my camping gear for weekend trips, All ready to go on my S 1.5 - just need the weather and time.

    The plan is a either a 130 mile over nighter or a repeat of a 60 mile overnighter that I did on my conversion.

    I will post some pics when its done.



  4. keithkling

    keithkling Member

    Northern Tier

    I just completed a 3 month trip with my wife across Northern United States. We both have Silvio 2s. I still love the bike. I used a Burley trailer as well as a custom bag that my wife made from fanny packs that hung down on each side of the seat. She used a Radical Banana bag with one of the custom bags as well. The gear worked pretty well, we need to improve the bags, though. The trailer is a great way to haul your stuff without having to modify your bike.

    I wish that I had lower gears, though. I have a 50/34 compact double with a 12-36 cassette. It is great for doing hills unloaded, but with all that gear it wasn't quite low enough. I could do most of the hills, but it was with great strain!

    I'd post some pictures if I could figure out how to do it.
  5. Wow. Pulling a trailer long

    Wow. Pulling a trailer long distances. I pulled a BOB trailer for about 300 miles up into the Sierras and won't be doing that again.

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  6. kevin.hodgson.9699

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    Help with drivetrain and trailer???

    I am currently running a Sram Rival compact double 50/34 and 11-32 cassette on my Silvio 1.5. I am planning to upgrade to a 11-36 to pull a trailer (I was thinking a BOB), but after reading keithkling's and marshall2389's comments I am concerned.

    Any advice on either appropriate gearing and/or trailer would be appreciated.

    The trailer in my pic is just a utility trailer I pull locally to bring water back from the store - it is not suitable for touring.
  7. I have managed lots of riding

    I have managed lots of riding over many days, weeks, and months with a sleeping bag and bivy sack on top of my rear rack, a pannier on each side of the rack, and a tennis ball container filled with tools, first aid, flat kit, etc. mounted in a water bottle cage on the steer tube between my thighs. Try to make everything you bring multi-functional. For example, I didn't carry warm pants or a jacket. Instead I had long johns, a tight fitting dry-fit shirt, a looser warm shirt, rain jacket and rain pants (and tight shorts and shirt for warm weather riding). I layered these to suit the conditions.

    Keep in mind that what you're trying to bring is the insulation in the sleeping bag and clothes, the waterproofing of the bivy sack, etc. You are trying to bring with you the ability to meet the demands of your needs and wants. So try to bring them with as little extra stuff as possible. Panniers, compression sacks, and bungee cords don't serve a direct purpose; they're simply there to contain the things you actually need. So limit the containers and restrainers as much as possible.
  8. Tuloose

    Tuloose Well-Known Member

    I have not had the chance yet

    I have not had the chance yet to do any multi days rides on my Silvio 2 but if I did it seems to me that a good trailer might be the Extrawheel.
    It is a light weight single wheel trailer that uses the same size wheel the bike has.
    Also the mounting fork is adjustable making it an easy match for the narrower dropout on the rear of the Cruzbike.

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