Are you running a Garmin/Barfly setup on your CB?

Discussion in 'The Bike Rack (bring your own coffee)' started by BentAero, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. BentAero

    BentAero Well-Known Member

    Anyone running a Garmin 500/510/800 etc. and using a Barfly/SRAM style bracket on your Cruzbike?

    If so, could you post a photo or two of how you have it arranged? I'm curious about fitment and viewing angle, esp on Silvio or Vendetta bikes.

  2. Rick Youngblood

    Rick Youngblood CarbonCraft Master


    Take a look at the 2nd video on this thread. The Barfly with Garmin 500.
  3. BentAero

    BentAero Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rick. On close

    Thanks Rick. On close inspection, I don't think there's enough room for a Barfly bracket between the boom and the flare on my carbon 'Ivan' bars. I'll have to cut and weld. :(
  4. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    Nope, no space on mine

    Nope, no space on mine either. And also the ultra wide Cruzbike handlebar clamp means that my Garmin clamp can't be centered which is kinda irritating. So I am sticking with the original Garmin quarter turn mount for now.
  5. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master

    I mounted my Garmin Edge 605

    I mounted my Garmin Edge 605 to the left of the clamp on my Silvio. Originally, I wanted to center the unit, but that was more of a need for symmetry over anything else. It's certainly not a problem, since it's still directly in my view.
  6. BentAero

    BentAero Well-Known Member

    I took the boom and 'ivan'

    I took the boom and 'ivan' carbon bars to work today and robbed the sram (just like a barfly) mount off my bosses bike to test fit. Though not perfect as there is a small gap around the right side clamping surface due to the shape of the carbon bars, it will certainly work with a longer bolt. I've ordered one, so I'll be the test dummy.

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