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  1. orlafl

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    My first experience with recombent was a Toxy ZR. I love speed! And I hate maintenance! So the long chains on most recumbents were nothing for me.
    It was insanely difficult to learn riding it, but my goodness, it runs! It is only good for the best roads though because of the 20" wheels. Confrontations with some holes in the tar gave me an insecurity, that didnt seem to disappear. I also realized, that the low point of gravity wasnt necessarily only beneficial. The bike is very nerveous. So I started looking for something with bigger wheels.
    For a long time I was just sooooo keen to get a Vendetta or Silvio. But I had to realize, that they are rigidly optimized for the highway. As much as I love the highway, I never take part in competitions, but regularly have to bring lots of stuff from the shop and climb hills, drive on gravel and roads, that dont look like roads :- )
    So I started looking into the Sofrider and found that:

    - it allows you to use different wheels! Amazing!
    - it allows you to change the seat position and angle
    - it has much room for moving your body weight forth and back
    - For the price of some few kilos it is so much cheaper

    So I let go of the beautiful dreams of the perfect runner :- ( maybe sometime to come :- ) and ordered a Sofrider through Peder Torgersen in Norway. It arrived yesterday.

    Unpacking and assembling was easy. The worst point was actually, that the chain had to be opened to let it run through the frame! A bit confusing thought, that the box sais: Sofrider v 2.2.

    After 3 hours I had made all basic adjustments - seat on and of three times to get in touch! - and was ready for the street.

    The first feeling was: Wow, it rocks! This chainway is amazing. The Toxy ZR has twists the chain when steering. The Sofrider is stiff.
    I found myself using much power forcing the bike to stay on track the first kilometers. Then at moments I could relax and feel the flow. Only to realize the next moment I was about to crashland in the bushes because I didnt pay attention, haha, I suppose, I will get used to it soon.
  2. orlafl

    orlafl New Member

    Here is the bike

    As you can see, I chose a low seat angle and therefore also made a little adjustment to the steering.
  3. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    Congratulations and welcome!

    Congratulations and welcome!
  4. orlafl

    orlafl New Member

    Thank you Charles!

    Thank you Charles!
  5. jimbo3b

    jimbo3b Member

    That's a beautiful color

    Keep us posted as you learn to ride. I was comfortable after about 10 rides on the bike, but I never thought I could learn to ride without constant attention to the bike. After about 500 miles I find I'm just as comfortable as I was on diamond frames.

    The bike sure looks bare, though. Lights, racks, bags.....
  6. orlafl

    orlafl New Member

    Two week have passed..

    Thank you for you promissing words jimbo3b. I have the feeling you talk about, some few moments in between, and now Im sure, I will also get there :- )

    The first days I was stiff in the neck and had headaches.
    It came from over controlling with the arms.
    Sure I will get some equipment too...
  7. orlafl

    orlafl New Member

    Fully equipped

    So now the bike is slowly getting equipped. Sorry for the dirt. But very important for our climate here: The chain stays clean regardless of weatherconditions :- )
    After being bypassed by some younger guys I just had to upgrade the bike with some racer equipment. But also all the stuff for touring. This bike is so easy to handle!
  8. orlafl

    orlafl New Member

    Bags m..m

    With the racer bars the bike becomes more flexible. I love it. More space for the legs and a good place for the mirror. It didnt work to fix it on the helmet. Almost got me under a car :- (
    It took me some time to figure out how to put a rag on. And to realize, its not for heavy duty. The backfork istnt made for load like that. But how simple it is to just attach some backpacks to the sadlepost! There is sooo much space under neath the seat! And with a strap it sits firm. What a wonderful bike!
  9. orlafl

    orlafl New Member

    missing picts

    Ok, some limits here. Maybe I give you the last pictures another day?
  10. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    Looks very cool! Well done!

    Looks very cool! Well done!

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