Carbon Fiber Fun

Discussion in 'Innovators Workshop' started by Rick Youngblood, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. ak-tux

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    For those who understand italian, he explains it here:
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  2. RojoRacing

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    He get bonus kudos from me for wearing an HRC tshirt.
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  3. Jayrob

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    Si! Triple bonus from me. Nice looking bike.
  4. RojoRacing

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    Honda Racing Corporation

    Basically the racing specific division of Honda.
  5. Jayrob

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    Yep! I raced Honda's, Kawasaki's, and Yamaha's back in the 60's-70's. The Kawasaki was my drag racing bike, the Yamaha was my go to dirt bike, and the Honda's for road and crit racing.

    We use to have a dirt race that had two huge sawdust piles we had to go over. They were over 80 feet tall and about 250 feet in diameter. The last sawdust pile was about 1/4 mile from the finish line and this is where I would start my charge for the finish line. I was about to over take the guy in front of me when he disappeared from site. Apparently someone had been removing part of the pile, and had left an empty void of about 50 foot long and 60 feet or so down. I was able to avoid the fall, the guy in front of me was badly injured.

    And you thought I was making a political reply! My first motorcycle was a 1962 little Honda.
  6. ak-tux

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    Another view of that Carbon BMC
  7. Lief

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    Bonus kudos from me for including his ~8-9 year old co-host so seamlessly.

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