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  1. hurri47

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    Thanks to Rose City Recumbents in Portland OR, I was able to test ride a Silvio on a recent visit. I didn't stay out long enough to get completely used to the improved hand position (or the brifters I was using for the first time ever), but, oh my, the improvement of the lighter front end!

    The main thing I took away was that I will undoubtedly be able to ride a Silvio, and I will probably love it, as soon as I can get somebody to sell me one at a price my Social Security income will permit.

  2. hurri47

    hurri47 Well-Known Member

    Interesting idea. You could

    Interesting idea. You could ship it to me in Arizona for the winter, and I could ship it back to Washington in summer. I suspect it wouldn't take very many shippings before we would both be better off with a whole bike.

    I was only visiting in Portland :)

  3. currystomper

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    conversion to silivio

    I have just sold my conversion and bought a second hand silivio 1.5 via ebay, by buying everything
    piece by piece it has cost me about 700 UKP (1000USD) to up grade from conversion to Silivio

    ?Still not cheap on a low income, but a good deal less than a 2.0 with all new parts
  4. Andrew 1973

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    How about this offer?


    Want to consider fractional ownership of a Silvio? We could split it up for 6 months each. :)

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