Cruzbike conversion AS A mountain bike

Discussion in 'Conversion Kit' started by JonB, Jul 12, 2009.

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    This forum seems to be about converting a mountain bike into a cruiser using the conversion kit. What about converting a mountain bike to a recumbent and using it AS a mountain bike.

    I ride a SWB USS recumbent on the road (my next recumbent road bike WILL BE a Silvio). I also own a ProFlex/K2 Beast dual susp. MTB. What is the concensus on converting that to a recumbent, leaving the tubeless offroad tires on and hitting the trails, recumbent style? Are there limitations to the platform that make off-road riding too difficult?

    I am not ready to buy a Silvio just yet, but I could easily buy the conversion kit now for my ProFlex and get back on the mountain bike. It is gathering dust in my basement now because I am too spoiled by the comfort of my recumbent (25 mile daily commuter).

  2. JonB

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    I can think of 2 limitations, and some remedies to solve that.
    1) being front wheel driven, you will have less traction going uphill because there is less weight on the wheel. Remedies are to avoid steep hills, or have enough speed for the momentum to carry you up, or have electric assist in the rear wheel. You can to some extend lean forward and get more traction.
    2) you will have less maximum peak suspension, mainly because you can not stand up and have your legs help absorbing jumps. Remedies are just avoid big jumps.

    Else i think it will work fine.

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