Cruzbike Quest in excellent condition (with extras)

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  1. warob

    warob New Member

    Quest Version 2 in excellent condition
    451 Wheel set and Short Chain Stay
    New CB Seat and Back Pad (never used)
    Full suspension version
    Custom Forest Green Paint job

    559 Dual Drive Wheel Set (new unused)
    Long Chain Stay Black
    Extra Cruzbike Elliptical Ring
    Extra Cruzbike Elliptical Bash Guard
    Extra Dual Drive Derailleur
    Extra Dual Drive Shifter and cable
    Stand light weight cruzbike rack
    Tire Iron Wheel Wrench

    Rotors are near new < 200 miles on them
    Chain is waxed
    451 Tires are brand new ITS 20 x 1⅜ 451
    559 Tires are brand new Maxis that shipped with all quests
  2. bret

    bret Active Member

    ... and where are you, please?
  3. warob

    warob New Member

    I’m in Harrisburg, PA
  4. benphyr

    benphyr Active Member

    and what asking price?
  5. warob

    warob New Member

    $1200 plus shipping. I am also willing to deliver in a 100 mile radius of Harrisburg PA

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