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  1. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Member

    Given that the fastest recumbent growth area is in the trike market (see BROL reports for 2011 and 2012 years with 90% and 87% growth respectively for Terra Trike), is there a consideration for the development and introduction of a Cruzbike Trike? I'm thinking something easy to step into and off, large wheels and tilting design similar to the Flevo-Racer trike or Munzo TT passive tilting trikes. Maybe a drop centre style for the ease of getting on/off, higher position for traffic and a stable load carrying area. The flexibility of the MBB design of the Silvio would be perfect and the stability of the trike is what a lot of baby boomers are after, especially if they've not been on a bike for a while. Tilting design allows for better cornering whilst being top heavy like a bicycle. Another design feature to make it easier is to incorporate a sliding sleeve or some easy lever operated coupling to allow the steering arm to be moved out of the way when entering/exiting the trike.

    Worth some thought?
  2. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    Yes worth some thought

    Yes worth some thought indeed.

    We'd want to change only the rear wheel area and keep everything else the same.

    Maybe a kick starter project. Need proper expressions of interest to make the case for it.

  3. thebean

    thebean Well-Known Member

    I agree that trikes are a

    I agree that trikes are a huge seller right now, based on a very large baby boomer population. Ajo Bikes in Tucson, AZ, cannot keep trikes on the floor. They are beginning to carry fewer two wheeled bikes.

    ICE put out the B1 and B2 two wheeled bikes and discontinued these two models due to poor sales. They in fact, have had record sales the last couple of years with their trikes.

    Looking forward to see what you come up with.
  4. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Tilting CruzTrike


    Something like Arnold's RaptoTrike concept would be cool. Interchangeable rear end. Run the trike in the winter and 2 wheels in the summer - or whatever suits your fancy...


  5. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    Take a look at the Mosquito

    Take a look at the Mosquito Velomobile:


    There is a video of it somewhere, but I can't find it now...
  6. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Try here:

    Try here:

    Semi-complete ride:

    Downhill twisties:

    Looks like this would be fun to build but the drawings for the sizing adjustment via what looks like a sliding bottom bracket is not as practical as JT's Telescoping Front Tube (TFT) that maintains the chain geometry. Adding and removing links in the drive chain to accomodate different riders seems extremely kludgy to me.

    Is it me or does he keep scrubbing off speed in the tight twisties or alternatively cutting the corners?

    It is hard to tell in your animated image above, but it looks like they have diverted from their concept drawing to put the BB on a more vetically angled slot. If so, doesn't look like much adjustment to fit different riders. I don't see the seat moving fore and aft either.

    Of course if I built something like this I would probably only want it to fit me as I don't think I would want to share.

  7. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    No no, no fixed relationship

    No no, no fixed relationship between lean and steer will be contemplated. When this is fixed as on a swing trike, the cornering is correct only at one speed, overconfidence builds, then it tips you off if you go fast.
  8. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Member

    Cruzbike Trike mk 2

    Talking with the Grey Nomads over easter, a trike that merely folded up sideways and was able to be purchased with a method of racking, securing, lifting and storing on the back of the caravan or mobile home would attract a lot of attention. Whether it tilted would be another thing entirely and may not be necessary if the gearing was low enough to not go fast. They liked the whole sitting back and having relaxing riding coupled with the flexibility of the trike and no requirement to lower themselves down to almost ground level.

    As for the tilting mosquito trike idea, the whole point of a tilting design is to shift your mass toward the inside of the corner and not the other way. That tilting design is all wrong and will spit you out of the trike in no time flat. I'd hate to see a grey nomad be spat out of a trike onto the ground. The Munzo TT and Flevo-Racer design is far better because it directs your weight more toward the inside of the corner, thus allowing you to corner faster. It also allows you to utilise larger wheels because the lateral forces on the wheel are less than a standard trike design. This is one of the reasons that the 406 wheel size is chosen for the front wheels of the trikes/velomobiles.
  9. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

  10. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    O.k.  How's this.  Put one of

    O.k. How's this. Put one of these:


    on the back of a Sofrider, add water, and poof , instant MBB trike.

    This might require some surgury, but who knows...
  11. Vargas

    Vargas Well-Known Member

    I loved that "add water"!

    I loved that "add water"!
    I believe the best feature of a trike is not having to balance it as we do on bikes.
    It seems to me that by following your receipt we wouldn't get an instant trike but rather a bike with two wheels on the rear, since you would still need to put your feet on the ground when stoped to balance it.
    I have looked at some Noomad bikes at Youtube but couldn't find any showing it standing still with a rider on it.

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