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    We need to find a recording of the finish. It is a keeper. Been looking but no luck so far.
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    Sixty-one ladies lined up this morning for the ODracerZODZ ladies Only Race. Ms. Daisy was the only known recumbent representative. She finished a respectable fourth in the C category. The women pulled off a great race with active chat going on on their discord channel. Next week is a big week in Zwift as they celebrate International Women's week. They kick off on Wednesday with a big race and follow up with a ride and chat with Kristen Armstrong the same day. Kristen is a professional racer and three-time Olympic gold medalist. How about it Cruzbike women-- consider jumping in.
  3. Yeah, he's fast. But there are multiple serious cyclists with the same name apparently. The one I know is in Grand Rapids, MI.
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    yeah according to strava it's the same guy
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    (Moved from another thread) Team Moose is now well indoctrinated in the Zwift racing world with more than 45 races in the bag. The Moose Men's Division is, let's just say, less than stellar. Meanwhile, the Lady Moose group is very competitive. Today's Ladies Only Race was a fine one indeed bringing home the silver in the C category. Come on Cruzbike girls, join the fun!
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    Here's your chance Lady Cruzbikers. Saturday morning 0810 EST you have the ODracerZ Ladies ONLY Race! Join Ms. Daisy who will certainly be there giving her best efforts. This race is targeted to the Female Zwift Riders and is led by the Ladies of TeamODZ. You can expect to see over 70 female riders from around the world participate in this event.
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    If I wear a wig I can race that bracket right?
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    It's kinda funny. They catch those weirdos and toss them out as fast as they can catch'em.
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    Todays' ladies race is now history and team Moose showed some promise. Ms. Daisy missed the lead group but managed to catch the second one right on their heels. This group slowly pulled away from her while the remnants formed a third. By time the second lap started she had moved in front of the group and found herself in that all too familiar no womens' land. One day we're gonna have a team and this ain't gonna happen.
    Two miles before the finish Heather an A racer made a hard push and made up 16 seconds and was only 2 seconds behind Daisy. But, Moose number one wasn't done and fought her off to make it a sprint finish. The video shows the last 300 meters with Heather ramping up the wattage but no chicken dinner for the A racer tonight. She wasn't the only one with a little sprint left. Fun, fun, fun, plenty of room for you to join in!

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    this video is private

    I can see clearly now,,, yeah moose
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    Team Moose has finally moved from concept to street ready! The first trial run of dual racing Zwifters was a smashing success.

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