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  1. super slim

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    Radial spokes look great but do NOT transfer power from the hub well!
  2. Frisard

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    Been looking at the Nuvinci, like you I have an electric hub. Nuvinci's warranty is only good for 350w motors (mid-drives). How do you find the combination of Nuvinci and electric hub? Do you keep the elect throttle set low? Which Nuvinci CVT do you have?
  3. TalleyHo

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    I wasn't aware that Nuvinci had options. I have the 360 standard unit, as far as I know. As for power limitations with the cvt, I have a rear wheel hub motor, 2 wheel drive set up so motor power a non issue. I know Ratz has had cvt experience and I recall discussing the issue you raise a couple years ago when I was contemplating the use of a Schlumpf drive with the cvt. Good luck.
  4. ratz

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    Oh lord yes; you can read all about that on BROL; I spent 2.5 years riding a race trike on the 360 with good results; and test the schlumpf with them. in the end the mountain drive and speed drive worked the best with the n360; the schlump HSD was a bad match. Now there are several new models of N3xx. I wouldn't pair that with a motor; I do the split motor rear wheel; and pedal wheel front wheel like many other have done.
  5. Electric: did you know about this - also Kickstarter?
    Had to wait almost 1 year as I was one of the first, got it last Fall, but now they're rolling.
    Mine works fine on a 20year old unused bike which my partner uses for commuting now as the weather improves.
    Could be easily added to a Sofrider or Quest, mounted instead of the kickstand.

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