Fairing on a Cruzbike?

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    Has anyone tried attaching a fairing to a Cruzbike. I have seen some large fairings on other recumbent, such as the one manufactured by Streamer, but they look like they would make the bike a bit unwieldy in windy weather. I was thinking of something smaller, that attached to the handlebars, that deflected the air flow over the rider’s head.
  2. Fairing on a Sofrider!

    I decided to put a fairing on my Sofrider because:
    - I liked the Streamer on my HP Velotechnik Spirit
    - I wanted to build one light fairing myself at low costs (<100EUR) and low efforts and see how it would work

    Results - positive:
    - it keeps your feet from freezing when touring near 0 C
    - it keeps your legs and hands dry in moderate rain
    - you do not have to put so much sunblocker on your naked legs in the hot sun
    - you can still park it with the stand, turning the front wheel to the right
    - the high position of the front light allows for fine tuning the distance

    Results - less positive:
    - the whole structure in the front is yet more heavy - indeed the bike gains about 500grams-1kg weight
    - the bike is wider, needs more space to park
    - the sail feeling in tailwind is less than of the Streamer
    - the aerodynamic improvement in headwinds is less than of the Streamer (both effects thanks to the roundness of the Streamer)
    - you have to mind how to park the bike if it is windy
  3. Here some pictures - Sofrider with fairing

    As you can see:
    - the fairing&acute;s not too stable, but on the other hand you can remove it loosening only three bolts
    - when taking the fairing down, the alternative position of the head light, is on the front end of the boom.

    As the weather is cool now I keep the fairing.



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