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Discussion in 'Sofrider' started by currystomper, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Hey all -
    So after a year and a half of loving my sofrider, I'm finally getting around to really needing some kind of foot restraint system. I've been riding places that bounce my feet off the pedals, and the resulting loss of control is not good. -

    I'm a bit leery of clipless (never used them) as I've seen far too many people who have had knee problems from them over the years (from a sports massage/PT perspective). Has anyone used powergrips or similar on their bike? -
    I'm considering a platform pedal (wellgo mg-1) with powergrip straps (I tend to ride with lightweight but vibram-soled shoes, so the bottoms aren't smooth).
    I am debating also about a dual-purpose pedal, such as Shimano A530 and just taking the clipless plunge ...

    Any thoughts? I don't really know enough to decide, so I'm open to what works.

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    I run half and half pedals on most of my bikes and wear SPD cyclocross shoes, these can be used with either side of the pedals.

    However I have filed the teeth off of the SPD side of the pedals to make the SPD engagement easier.

    :D :D :D

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    I have SPD as well on my Cruzbike Freerider.
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    I use Crank bros Candy C and eggbeaters on my bikes. Unclipping is easy as long as you dont wait too long to unclip. Jack
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    I use power straps- works

    I use power straps- works nicely. I can use many different shoes including street shoes.
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    I have found Heel Slings ( by

    I have found Heel Slings ( by JSRL Design ) to be very effective. They worked extremely well on yesterday's 52 mile off road ride on the Delaware Canal Trail.

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