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  1. trplay

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    The tape on the chain ring and the camera angle has me a bit confused as to the spacing on his bike. It looks very similar to all my cruzbikes. Just for giggles I measured the distance on all of my Cruzbikes and they were all +- 1.8 CM. Translation, I think this DR will work fine on my bikes. Based on the Cruz angle no way it drags the bottom of the cage. I suggest trying it before making a new mouse trap.
  2. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Are you shifted to the big chainring or the small chainring when you measure? (Except for Yaw, FD setup is initiated in the small chainring position since there is no cable tension.) Yes, I looked at my bike too.
  3. cranky cyclist

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    Also you may want to check the placement of your Bottom bracket. Mine accidentally shifted left and I was unable to shift onto the large chainwheel when this happened. Even my bike shop didn't catch it.
  4. Brad R

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    According to this document there is something called a support bolt (page 8) that is supposed to be used to make the chain guide parallel to the big ring. If you adjust it, maybe it will push the chain guide down closer to the chainring.

    Good luck.
  5. super slim

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    from your side view of the chainring and the derailleur stalk, on my S30 the distance from the Crank centre Line to the bottom of the derailleur stalk bracket is 135 mm, and 133 mm for a Silvio V1.0 fixed to the boom stalk. What is your distance on a V20?
  6. Max Id

    Max Id Member

    I am not sure whether I am measuring the right thing, but here is what I have:

    I see that most people suggest to first try if the shifting works or not, but the thing is that I don't want to leave scratches and marks on the crankset, because I'll have to swap it with a bigger one if it doesn't work.
    There are no adjustments available to move the cage closer to the ring, and, according to Shimano, this might result in a poor performance.
  7. Max Id

    Max Id Member

    It is perfectly aligned, but even if it wasn't, this would not affect the distance between the cage and the chainring.
  8. Max Id

    Max Id Member

    Unfortunately they don't, apparently...
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  9. Max Id

    Max Id Member

    My understanding would be, provided the bracket is welded correctly, is that the V20 does not like compact double-ring chainsets.
    The second options is that it will shift just fine, despite what Shimano say.
  10. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Talk to an expert. If you haven't, email Cruzbike support ( They might be busy with RAAM right now. You can also have your local bike shop look at it. They will typically blame the "weird" frame design, but sometimes they point out useful things.
  11. trplay

    trplay Zen MBB Master

    I've seen more compact chain sets on the V20 than standard (although not a 105). They have worked on ours for years with tens of thousands of miles. Put a chain on it and check it out, just don't scratch it.
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