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  1. trplay

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    Team Moose knocked off the first milestone on the Road to Paris Saturday completing the Gainesville Florida 200K Brevet. This allows us an early registration slot if we can meet the RUSA 2019 super series requirements and decide to go. Twenty-five signed up and 18 showed for a 30 degree start time. For all those Northerners who laugh at 30 degrees I challenge you to come to Gainesville when its 30 and humid and tell me a bike ride wont be cold. It was cold, but it is done; I'd even say a little bit fun.

    So how did it go with only Zwift training to get one ready? Pretty darn good . Daisy and I scooted around the course with little effort from a conditioning perspective. Navigating after my long lapse in Randonneuring was another story. The cue-sheet has a lot of turns and as most Randos know there is an art to reading them if you want to be efficient regarding time. We, without a doubt need a refresher course before the next ride. The bikes simply did their job. They went where they were pointed and at the speed we asked them to go. The Gainesville route takes you over both excellent and poor roads. The bikes took a licking and kept on kicking, tubeless tires and all. The Moose pockets, purse, and Apidura pack was overkill for storage but will be perfect for longer Brevets such as the 600K. I'll be making a small modification for the Apidura pack attachment to the headrest but other than this I don't think my set-up will change. A February 300K is next. It really is nice returning to my randonneuring roots.

    It's time to bring out the lights and reflective gear,
    and don't forget the Zwifting dear.
  2. BJ686

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    Nice ride in the cold! Will be interested in hearing how the longer ones go. Are you guys doing Sebring this year?
  3. DavidCH

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    30f ... I bet the oranges were dwilting :eek:

    Well done
  4. cpml123

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    No 30 deg riding up here for me. Black ice is deadly.
  5. LarryOz

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    Congrats to Team Moose - Sebring in 5 weeks from yesterday. You guys going?
  6. trplay

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    Sebring is currently on the chop block due to PBP cost saving measures but, you can be sure we will be cheering for the Tribe at home.

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