Honey,,, a Sofrider followed me home,,, can I keep it ????

Discussion in 'Sofrider' started by 1happyreader, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. 1happyreader

    1happyreader zen/child method

    alt="Sofrider followed me home" [​IMG]
    She really said " You want a used bike instead of a NEW laptop ??? You crazy"
    Yup,,, but happy.
    Thanks to the previous owner Kevin in Starke Florida
  2. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant


  3. Doug Burton

    Doug Burton Zen MBB Master

    Nice bike...

    That looks like a Sofrider V2.1 - probably the best out-of-the-box machine we've built in terms of simplicity and versatility. It's one of my favorites; I still have one (which I modified, of course... ;) )


  4. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Alright Tim! You should bring

    Alright Tim! You should bring it down to Sebring next year. I'll race you to the poker chip barrel. :D

  5. floridabike

    floridabike Active Member

    Starke Florida

    Starke Florida is best know for it's ability of handing out speeding tickets so watch the speed on the Cruzbike.
  6. Mark B

    Mark B Zen MBB Master

    FWIW, good choice....  I'd

    FWIW, good choice.... I'd take a new to me bike over a new laptop any day! Especially if your old laptop is still getting it done.

  7. 1happyreader

    1happyreader zen/child method

    heh all

    Thanks Charles,,, I am a proud new poppa.,,,, er owner,,, I meant owner.

    Doug,,,, darn you,,, now I am going to obsess over where my bike fits in the family tree.

    Eric,,, help the nube... explain the "poker chip barrel"

    Floridabike ,,,, saw the national guard camp,,, missed the cops and the prisons.

    Mark B ,,,,, good news,, I know some laptop cpr,,, had to learn its an HP dv9000

    gotta go bye..... later

  8. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Bike Sebring long loop out

    Bike Sebring long loop out towards Frostproof at the turn around part way around Reedy Lake has a poker chip barrel. Part of the race process is to toss the numbered poker chip assigned to you into the barrel at the turn around to help record you were actually there.

    Around 52 road miles by the time you reach the poker chip barrel.

    See the map on my ride data: http://ridewithgps.com/trips/2245489

    There is usually a farm tractor parade coming around the lake. I saw it last year but I didn't see them this year. Not sure if they were a no-show or if I was eleswhere when they went through.


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