How come there is no Quest frameset?

Discussion in 'Adventure Series (Q451, Q559, QX100)' started by Vargas, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Vargas

    Vargas Well-Known Member

    Vendetta is sold as a frameset.
    Silvio is sold as a frameset.
    Sofrider is sold as a frameset (CB kit + V2K).
    How come Quest is not sold as a frameset? There might be a good business opportunity there...
  2. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    I'll point out that the

    I'll point out that the Sofrider really isn't sold as a frameset as you can't buy the front fork (which would be really nice).

    I'm willing to believe that the reality is that there really isn't enough interest in selling the Quest as a framekit instead of a complete bike.
  3. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master

    Assuming you've asked Cruzbike...

    ...and you're waiting for a reply, I can guess that there are several reasons:
    1. The Silvio was designed as a platform by which one could transfer parts from their traditional roadbike. This was the beauty of the design which is expressed in John Tolhurst's video that I watched way too many times on YouTube.
    2. The Vendetta followed suit with the concept of the "build your own" Silvio
    3. The Quest can be packaged as a full bike into a box that is roughly half the size of a typical bike box; this allows for more affordable shipping of a complete bike.
    4. The Quest was designed from the ground-up as a whole bike; this (almost) ready-to-ride design appeals to a lot of people in the market for a mid-price, all-rounder recumbent.

    I may be wrong on some of these points, but it's just my two-cent's worth. I also have thought about things like that; why not a quest frameset? Or why not offer a true Sofrider frameset with the proper front triangle rather than requiring a V2/K + conversion kit. I can only assume that there are manufacturing costs involved that make sense to offer one and not the other. Frankly, I'd love to have several of each frame and configuration so that I could "play around" and come up with some really neat stuff!
  4. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master


    Like Charles said, maybe there is not enough demand for a Quest frameset-only option. Not all of us like to build and experiment. :)
  5. 1happyreader

    1happyreader zen/child method

    vote now

    One vote for framesets !!

    my excuses for an empty garage include:

    V2K .... no fork,,, like disk brakes.

    Quest ..... don't want to pay for the IGH .

    leaves me with a Silvio or rebuilding a Sofrider .

    Maybe Cruzbike could do a limited production overrun ( less than 5 units over per year) just to test the waters without having too much stock sitting on the shelve.

    If it was practical and easy it would already be done.... but heh nothing wrong with dropping a hint or three.
  6. Vargas

    Vargas Well-Known Member


    There definitely is a market for Cruzbike forks also. No triangle brackets, no fork turning, disk brakes...
  7. chrisblessing

    chrisblessing Well-Known Member

    add my vote...

    ...for the fork.

  8. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Add my name for a Silvio disk

    Add my name for a Silvio disk V2.1 fork and front triangle

    Super Slim
  9. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Are there any beta versions

    Are there any beta versions of Silvio V 2.0 front forks with disc connection + beta front triangle as I have a Silvio V 1.0, OR seconds due to poor painting???

    Super Slim

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