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    I want to first say I love my new (to me) Silvio 2.0
    Ok, so I see a lot of you guys are using the new RFLKT+ from Kickstarter or the older version from Wahoo on your Silvio or maybe even your Vendetta. I am curious where you are storing your iPhone? I have been putting mine in the back headrest pocket with spats of intermittent operation. Some days it will record just fine and (most) other days it will not record HRM or stop mid ride on tracking. I am using a battery case on my iPhone 4s and never once had issues with my conversion with the phone in the bag, on the back of my seat post.

    I am wondering if the carbon seat and/or hydro form frame is causing intermittent Bluetooth issues. I have used the Wahoo Utility to test all three items, RFLKT+, Speed/Cadence Monitor and HRM and they all work just fine. I have tried the Wahoo App, Endomondo, Strava and even upgraded to Cyclemeter to try it and all are performing the same, intermittent.

    The RFLKT also shuts off randomly without notice as if it is not connected to anything even though I can hear announcements continue, strange. I have changed all batteries thinking this might help to no avail. I guess I will have to put my phone in the front somehow, just haven't figured out a bag or carry option for the Silvio 2 boom yet.

    As for the mounting of the RFLKT, it is in the middle of the stem, between clamps with plastic wire ties.
    Any suggestions most welcome.
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    Been There

    Been there; it the body that is insulating the signal; but for the most part it works reliable for me now that it's dialed in.

    The Wahoo App should work for your needs; at least from a testing stand point
    • Buy a 20 pack of CR2032's from Amazon then are cheap.
    • Make sure the sensors have fresh batteries, you have to blast signal through your body batteries that are below 50% aren't reliable.
    • Make sure iOS is up to date
    • Make sure sensor and RFLKT firmware up to date using wahoo utility.
    • Turn off Auto Pause in the wahoo app
    • Make sure one of your RFLKT buttons is setup as Start/Stop/Pause
    • Turn off wifi to avoid BT interference.
    Ready to start your ride; launch the app wait for the sensors to connect; and start the ride recording. Then hit pause. Put the phone in the bag; get on bike and start going; use the RFLKT button to to un-pause the recording.

    If you have problem with the heart rate that can be the insulting affect of your body between the phone and your sensor. Rotate the sensor to the side 1/8 rotation so it's below the pectoral muscle instead of the sternum. Orientate the phone in your bag so the it is horizontal to the ground and perpendicular to the the bike.

    For what it's worth the iphone 5c is better for this stuff because the case is plastic so the reception of the BT is better.


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