Looking for a Silvio or Vendetta, used

Discussion in 'Marketplace - Buy, Sell, Upgrade' started by ElyDave, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. ElyDave

    ElyDave Member

    Having just had an price agreed on one, I was slightly annoyed to find it being sold out from under me, so back to square one.

    As the title says, looking for a Vendetta 2.0 or Silvio either complete or frameset - I built up another recumbent last year so not averse to tinkering and have spares available or ready to be sacrificed from my road bike

    Located in Ely, UK so UK or Europe ideally to avoid import taxes, although I'm not sure if that applies second hand.

  2. RojoRacing

    RojoRacing Donut Powered Wise-guy

  3. ElyDave

    ElyDave Member

    Great, but Oregon.

    I may know where there is another one lurking nearby
  4. ElyDave

    ElyDave Member

    Very much so Joy, frameset no problem, I did a build last year of an M5 from a frameset.

    Whereabouts are you ?
  5. joy

    joy Well-Known Member

  6. ElyDave

    ElyDave Member

    I have a trip to the USA in July, but only as far as Louisiana so I think that would be difficult, unless international shipping is a possibility?
  7. joy

    joy Well-Known Member

    ElyDave, I don't think we want to go that route. Thanks for the interest though.
  8. ElyDave

    ElyDave Member

    that's what I suspected.

  9. telephd

    telephd Well-Known Member

    ElyDave, check your PM
  10. Paulbost

    Paulbost New Member

    I'm in Memphis Tennessee if you're interested in one

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