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    Four days ago I got for the first time on my Silvio. It was a sunny afternoon, but awfully cold and windy. I did some rolling downhill and put my feet on the pedals. But most of the time it was the bike who decided in which direction we went.
    Today finally spring showed up in our country. Temperature was up and I was good for a second try. After half an hour things fell in place, I realized several starts on flat and slight slopes, some of them acceptably straight. Also, taking considerable space, I did successfully a couple of figure 8.
    I realized that a little sitting up helps a lot for starts and turns. Also getting quickly up to some speed stabilizes the bike as well as the rider.
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    Alright now we are talking

    Congrats Marc on the weather and the ride. Keep the updates coming. The Mrs may consider tonight weather warm enough to try again here as well.
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    First time that the bike trail is free of snow and ice. This afternoon I was out for a little longer stretch on our locale bike trail. There is still a lot of snow on the side at many places.
    Once again I followed Ivan's recommendation and installed a set of CRUD RoadRacer MK2. Only my Bentup seatbag got some splashes, probably the longer tail end (supplied) would prevent this.
  5. trplay

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    Lets see some more photos of

    Lets see some more photos of that aero bag. I bought one based on your previous photos and am having a heck of a time getting it to fit. Seems it is much too wide for the seat. :(
  6. mzweili

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    Bent Up Cycles Aero Bag

    here how I made the bag fit.
  7. mzweili

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    Bent Up Cycles Aero Bag

    and here what is needed to make it fit. The drawing for this bracket you will find under: ''Spring is HERE!! lets see your RIDE!!''

  8. mzweili

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    Bike path ''Parcour des Anses''

    some small video cuts from yesterday's ride on Quebec's most beautiful bike path called ''Parcour des Anses''.
    Sorry for the sometimes shacking and inclined view. I'm still trying to find a better camera mounting position.
  9. Rick Youngblood

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    Nice videos Marc.
    I like how

    Nice videos Marc.

    I like how they put separate the pedestrians and bikes on the bike trails. Beautiful sunny day up there.

    You ride the Silvio like a pro too I see, good job!
  10. richa

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    Nice bike path

    I'm envious of your bike path.
    If we had bike path's like that in the U.S. biking might be more popular here.
  11. super slim

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     I thought Vancouver's

    I thought Vancouver's bike paths around the coast were stunning, but Quebec has trumped it!

  12. mzweili

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    Cruise boat season

    2 pictures from this morning ride
  13. Rick Youngblood

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    Marc, great pic's, beautiful

    Marc, great pic's, beautiful location! I see you are still enjoying the sunshine up north!

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