My journey to a V20

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    Glad you are doing well! Wishing you many great miles and all smiles.
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    Maybe Wednesday? If I can motivate myself to race tomorrow I can do a nice easy day with everyone on Wed. Post up your interest in the zwift thread and see who else wants to join.
  3. Mixerman

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    With over 1000 virtual zwift miles and 600 outdoor miles on the Vendetta, I feel I can start to post some observations comparing the P-38/F-40 to the Vendetta. I had over 13,000 miles on p-38 and over 400 miles on f-40.

    My P-38 weighed about 1 lb less than my Vendetta so weight is negligible, but that's where the comparison ends. The superior aerodynamics turns the Vendetta into a super bike. On the p-38 I used to struggle to stay with the fast guys in my local club and could usually only manage 1 or 2 pulls during a ride. Now on the Vendetta I pretty much pull the entire 2nd half of each ride and can often drop the group if I want to, but I like riding with these guys, so I don't.

    The shop rides so far this season have been far from flat, but haven't included any serious climbs. So I went out and tried a small local mountain climb that includes a 1 mile 9% avg Summit Rd segment with sections in the teens.
    On the steep sections I started experiencing significant front wheel slip. It seemed the only way I could kinda avoid it was to sit up and grab the hoods. Laying back down resulted in immediate wheel slip, which sucks when you're dumping so much power in those sections, but I feel with practice, this problem can be somewhat overcome. I was happy with low speed stability and was able to hold a straight line up the steepest parts. I missed my PR by about 45 seconds. I did have a car block me for a few seconds at the start of the climb. When looking at data from other small steep hills, whenever I end up below 10 mph the difference between the p-38 and vendetta is negligible and might even give the edge to p-38 since you don't get wheel slip and breathing upright may be easier. Surprisingly I find the Vendetta more comfortable after a hard ride, since I used to experience soreness in my lower back from pushing hard against the mesh seat, otherwise the mesh seat of the p-38 does an excellent job of smoothing out the bumps.

    I think over most routes the speed of the Vendetta compares pretty equally to a P-38 with just the F-40 nosecone on. But put the entire F-40 fairing kit on the p-38 and it's just in another league on the flats and distance with moderate hills, but throw in winds above 10 mph and its challenging to put the hammer down always trying to be prepared for a gust just to stay upright. My PRs on the Vendetta seem to be mostly roller segments that include a variety of + - 5 % grades.

    Overall I'm thrilled with the V and consider myself lucky to have experienced these amazing machines. I must admit, as fun as it is to crush the egos of the fast guys in my area, I do feel like it's cheating showing up on a V20, kinda like showing up to a group ride on a tricked out TT bike. I feel that an R-84 would be much more compatible for mixing it up with DFs. The R-84 is the 20lb carbon fiber version of the p-38. The aerodynamics would be similar to a road bike in the drops, like it was on my '38, and the lighter weight would a much better match on the steep stuff and accelerations. I used to be able to give a pretty decent draft to the short guys on my p-38, tho the tall guys complained. Right now the tall guys make jokes that I'm only giving their ankles a draft and the short guys now have their entire face exposed to the wind. Still most seem to be very impressed with the Vendetta. I think I'll keep her
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    Your story is truly inspirational. Don't get me wrong. I agree the V is one of the most fastest bikes I have ever ridden , its still weighs more than most carbon race bikes. I don't think you give yourself enough credit for your accomplishments.

    It's the same with Larry. He's awesome as he has his secret testing track and he has an insatiable appetite for cycling.

    The Vendetta is in a league of its own. It's such a brilliant machine. It's the experience is simply quite breath taking. You get up quite a climb and before you know it on the downhill your going 60 kph. :cool:

    The thing flies... and if your Jason ... it surely flies. (I love his hydro brake setup. If I was doing mountains instead of hills that would be one cool mod).

    So welcome to the tribe!
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    Nice to see someone else attacking the stupid steep stuff. So how the local mountain climb compare to the watopia radio tower?
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    I do keep the trainer intensity set @100% but my Kickr Snap maxes out at 12% so not nearly as challenging, add the wheel slip and it's a whole other thing. I am a little concerned because my goal is to climb Pack Monadnock
    Check out this segment on Strava: — Pack Monadnock
    My plan was to attempt this on my p-38 last fall, but getting runover put a wrench in my plans. There's a stretch of 24% at the top and I hear the road is pretty bad from frost heaves, wondering how much zigzaging I can get away with.
    Current plan is to climb Unc a few more times to practice avoiding wheel slip and get my PR, then see if I can get some buddies to make the trek out to Pack with me, I don't like to drive to climbs.
  7. Charles.Plager

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    I will say again that I really want somebody to buy a V1.X silvio and dress her up like a F40. Oh, how I think she would fly!
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    Truly an inspiring tale, Mixerman! Nice recovery which shows no sign of stopping.

    In my experience everything to do with Cruzbike and the Tribe has been first terrifying and intimidating, then inspiring and then exhilarating. I'll post a more detailed time line of my experience so far in the "What did you do on your Cruzbike?" thread soon. Suffice it to say that the combination of fabulous bikes and the Tribe here on line produces a amazing synergy that leaves all who stay in the Tribe way better off in all areas of life.
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    I had a P-38 prior to my purchasing a Silvio 2.0 and your experience matches mine Mixerman.
    The Silvio was a faster bike overall.
    It did take me awhile to adjust to the much more reclined position on the Silvio.
    I now have a Vendetta and it just flies up the short steep stuff as DavidCH says.
    My problem is when the climbs become steep AND long.
    I find I have difficulty controlling the front end of the Vendetta in those circumstances.
    I am pulling so hard on the bars and at the same time trying to maintain my balance at slow speed so I eventually wind up weaving all over the road.
    I believe I would climb better with my P-38 on the long steeps because I would only be using my arms to steer the front wheel.

    To be fair I did have similar trouble on steep climbs when I had a long wheel base recumbent - a Rans Stratus XP.
    The front end would have so little weight that the wheel would drift side to side.
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