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  1. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    ordered my Silvio from Maria today! my first recumbent since having to stop riding uprights over a year ago. looks like it is going to be a long two weeks waiting for the frame. will be going with all ultrgra groupo and mavisc kysrium ssl race wheels, older set also have a set of mavic r sys race wheels.looking forward to riding again. will update as i receive build ride and ride and ride my new bike, thanks Maria and Jim for putting up for my numerous calls before making the purchase. I am sure my bike club will generate a few purchases once i ride with them again. excited and waiting, see you soon
  2. Robert Holler

    Robert Holler Administrator Staff Member

    You are going to be in for a

    You are going to be in for a real treat!

  3. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Bike arrived started the big build

    Started stripping my ultegra off my upright it's all new, cam off easy went on the silvio easy. Have the frame together just a few things to do and it is finished. Need to file down my derailleur hanger, add my chain, secure upper seat holders to head rest and then adjust the bike to fit me. Picking up my cables Saturday for install. Most bike shops not to interested in helping me with my first bike build in like 20 years. So I find a tandem dealer within 10 miles he said he would help me, he has never seen a silvio so he is excited about seeing it. The bike is awesome looking and when I sit on it it feels natural. Cannot wait to ride it Sunday if it is completes other wise will have to wait till I return from and business trip.
  4. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Member

    Learning Curve

    Good to see the tandem dealer is interested. It sounds as though you've never ridden a bent and never ridden a MBB bent for that matter so you're in for a bit of a learning curve. Take it easy and start from the shuffle stage instead of rushing into it.
  5. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    Learning curve

    I'll second what Ian said. Watch all the videos you can find and all the comments on the forum and do what they say. You may be a prodigy and get it first time out but if you're more like me you may be A) seriously convinced you wasted your money on that contraption and B) seriously concerned you might get arrested for riding a bicycle while intoxicated. Just keep trying, relax, and in a short while it will seem like second nature.
  6. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    Strongly agree with them

    Strongly agree with them ^^^^^!

    Here are Kim's Cruzbike's videos. This is a must see. You can then read about my first four days here.

    And just to confuse matters: I highly recommend not clipping in at first (when things feel wonky, taking your feet off of the pedals can make a big difference). But after a while (a couple hundred miles in my case), clipping in really helps to have better control of the bike.
  7. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master

    Be sure to post photos!

    I like seeing the individual touches that each owner puts into his or her Cruzbike. Please post some photos when you're ready and I also am looking forward to your first ride report :)
  8. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    First ride todayWOW!!!!!!!!

    Simi completed the bike today, a few loose ends to complete, have to replace on cable, however everything works on the bike. Started from my drive way just coasting down the drive and so on for a good hour getting use to the bike and getting my balance down. Took off for a short ride 30 to 45 minutes bike is smooth, quick, responsive and fun to ride, did I say fun to ride. I have not ridden for over a year due to so many neck surgeries, this was a certain thrill and no neck pain, think my legs booty and arms will be sore tomorrow and it is welcome, I CAN RIDE AGAIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :). LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING GOOD ON THIS BIKE SO I CAN RIDE WITH SOME CLUBS AGAIN SOON. I wanted to add a few pictures, check out my mirrors mounted on my shifters and my speedometer just below the steering yoke. I will be purchasing a set of red spoke Spinergy wheels check out the picture the red pops on the bike. the House of Tandem in north Houston (Spring, TX) helped me out on some cable set up and other things. my new bike shop. only other bike shop that would help me is 50 miles away. i was surprised most upright bike shops were not interested in helping me out much, lots of anti-bent shops in north Houston????? their loss not mine! [​IMG]
  9. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    Lovely Bike!

    I know a lot has been said about the Silvio-2's but whenever I see a new assembly I can't help but say it's a lovely bike!
  10. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Congratulations, James! Very

    Congratulations, James! Very nice bike. In the first photo it looks like the FD cable is zip-tied to the boom in a couple of places, any particular reason for that?
  11. Gromit

    Gromit Guru

    FD Cable Routing

    There is some more info, for example, just using the outer cable's liner rather than the whole outer cable, in this thread.
  12. Jake514

    Jake514 Member

    Congrats on your

    Congrats on your new bike - looks great. Thanks for the tip as I will keep the House of Tandem in mind as well.
  13. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Front cable

    The front cable is tyrapped due to the sheath for the cable being to short, have to go to the bike shops to get a longer peice of sheath for the cable, I will perform my final adjustments on all the cables then. I travel every week till the end of February so things take a little time. This is all my first complete bike build it 20 years. Became a little spoiled over the years, want to maintain my own bikes now, james
  14. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Hi James, if anything that

    Hi James, if anything that cable housing looks too long! Cruzbike recommends about 25cm in the instructions. The housing shouldn't have to contact anything at either end, it will be held in place where it bends around the bottom bracket.

    Here is mine for comparison. I used a thin sheath rather than a full housing, but you should see the black sheath extending a short distance above and below the bottom bracket, and that most of the cable is bare:


    Not the most important detail in the world, but there really is no need for a longer cable housing, or zip ties.

    See also the PDF that Gromit linked to above, although those pictures are a bit out of date.
  15. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Not trying to sale the spinergy wheels however see below

    The spinergy wheels sets due to the design of the Filliment strand spokes do provide substantial damping of road noise, are incredible strong ( used on tandem bikes) and come in around 5 to 8 colors. This leads to further costomizing of your ride, just my opinion. I road a buddies upright and was surprised how much better a ride you get. Just like any wheel it does need adjustment to righting on occasion, james
  16. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Jeremy I see the light

    Your front end looks much cleaner. Will have to reduce the sheath, thank you my friend for the input, james
  17. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    rack for my bike

    I am looking for suggestions, anyone have suggestions for a rack. I have two and will look at how to attach too my bike, if either work i will post pictures and instructions, J
    going out for a ride this afternoon see how i do on hills will update later
  18. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Upright roadie bag on my silvio

    I recently dug thru my huge box of bike components I have in the garage and found an old a bag with a snap clip on it. I added a block of wood and walah I have storage for a tube, bike multi tool, tube repIr kit wallat and keys. I will post pictures soon. Have been riding some just added 700c 25 c continent black chili tires WOW awesome ride no loss in roll. The bike shop told me the 25c tires are actually fasted than 23 c tyres and are safer.
  19. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Past weekend ride Saturday and sunday

    First time we have had perfect weather. I rode both days about 20 miles, no back or neck problems while riding or afterwards. I feel my hunger for long rides coming back fast. The bike is awesome to ride, enjoyable to get out on and just outright fun to ride. Looking forward to the next upcoming weekend I am going to,ride 40 plus each day.
  20. Brokeneck

    Brokeneck Member

    Speedometer, avenir bike bage and rear lite mounts

    check out the pictures of my mounts
    1. speed o meter mount cat trike accessory 90 degree mount, i used the boom under the handle bar bottle cage screw mount no hole had to be drilled jst had to cut the mount down
    2 avenir sattle bag seat mounted, i used some aluminum 1" thick by 1/8th" to wrap around the head rest bars. i used a small peice of wood to to prohibit it from collaping between the bars. the screws are on the inside of the head rest bars.
    3. extended rear light mount Will be painted to match the bike. i used the 1' by 1/8th" stock to make the mount and drilled holes and mounted it under the bag mount. the aluminum is soft and was easy to bend.

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