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    I have two Sofriders and love them.I just bought a silvio from a local guy.Its just the frameset. I havent a clue how to turn this from a frame into a riding bike.Im thinking mid price components but I do want real smooth shifters.Hoping to find a nice used groupset and wheels.Thanks for any help!CVT
  2. Andrew 1973

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    If I were building a Silvio,

    If I were building a Silvio, I'd scour Craig's List for a suitable donor bike. It's always surprising to see what you can find for about $500 - much less than building a bike piece by piece.

    I have experience with Shimano more than I do SRAM or Campagnolo, so if it's smooth shifting you're after, it's hard to go wrong with Ultegra, although 105 is impressive too. The important thing is to invest in a high-quality cable set and rout your cables to eliminate tight radii, which adds friction and degrades shifting.

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