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    Now is the time to start thinking about PBP even if you only have a slight interest in participating. It is a year and a half away but they are using a modified quota system from the 2011 method. It would pay to record at least one brevet in 2014 to put you in front of the registration line. Here is a link to the site. In their rules it sates: Triathlon handlebars and all forms of bar extenders are forbidden. I wonder if the inspectors will ban the bull horn bars used on some Silvios and vendettas?
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    Color me confused. Aren't

    Color me confused. Aren't they straying far from this credo?
    I tried poking around on their site but all I found was the 2015 rules will be published Dec 2014. Any idea what their beef is?

  3. John Tolhurst

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    Safety considerations are

    Safety considerations are different. Perhaps the concern is impaling someone who steps out in front of you?
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    In 2003 a kick scooter

    In 2003 a kick scooter entered and in 2007 the rules were changed so that the vehicle had to have a chain in the drive train. They may have eliminated this rule. This is only a flyer, the official rules have more details and will make things clear. I suspect the inspectors will disallow a Silvio bike with bullhorn steering. The premise being the maneuverability is not safe for group riding. It is interesting to note this is one of the few major events that allows one not to ride with a helmet.
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    Recumbents with the front traction

    In the 2007 photo search is a Bike Type option of " Recumbents with the front traction " which if this is the only option selected yields 83 results - except none of the linked photos are showing. Looks like problems with their hosting provider

    Too bad as this would be fun to review.

    Interestingly, the 2011 photo search does not include the " Recumbents with the front traction " option. Apparently the novelty has worn off and we are now just " Standard Recumbents ". [​IMG]

  6. trplay

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    Here is the start , keep in

    Here is the start , keep in mind tandems are also considered special bikes.
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    I see a friend of ours at

    I see a friend of ours at time mark 1:02 and 1:03...

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    Theres better shots

    Theres better shots here: Sorry for the bad lighting. The sun was going down fast and lots of shadows but it gives you a pretty good idea of cruising through the French towns.

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