Pannier rack idea

Discussion in 'Freerider' started by JonB, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. thaddeus

    thaddeus New Member

    Greetings all,

    After the custom aluminium strut I used to brace my standard Tioga rack fractured, it occurred to me that I could suspend its forward end from the seat rails with stiff springs.

    I managed to fit them not by expanding them, but by sitting on the seat (thus compressing the main suspension) and drawing the anchor points together.


    Melbourne .au
  2. JonB

    JonB Zen MBB Master

    will your rack be horizontal? wont this influence the suspension? There are other rack options. I described 2.
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  3. John Tolhurst

    John Tolhurst Zen MBB Master

    Look for a rack that attaches to the brake boss and axle.
  4. Tuloose

    Tuloose Well-Known Member

    Taking John's advice I mounted this old Blackburn MTB rack onto my Freerider using stainless steel struts purchased at my LBS and bent to the shape needed.

    IMG_20160802_102329428 (800x450).jpg

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