Power Grips on a Quest

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    These are unknown here in Perth, but I knew of them from my previous life, so I had some sent up from the States.

    They are an alternate to cleats or toe clips: http://www.powergrips.com/
    I added them and went for a ride. They help quite a bit - I expect anything that holds my foot to the pedal would give benefit. I noticed I was tired trying to keep my foot on the pedal - I tended to push my feet further out so they would rest more on the pedal.

    I also notice my shoes have some input too - my feet are loose inside the ones I wore, and so I didn't get the full benefit. I have the thought I will go shopping for comfortable and practical cycling shoes - even without the cleats, the firmer sole would likely help and I might later try cleats.

    It's really easy to get out of them - the natural movement to put my feet down on a Cruzbike does the job.
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    When I switched from a diamond frame to a recumbent I began having knee problems using SPD's. In order to allow my heel to pivot a bit while pedaling I tried Powergrips. They helped but I have since gone to Speedplay frogs (on one bike) and Crank Brothers on another bike. Both of those allow my heel to float and seem to deliver more power. Also, being "locked in" helps with the steering on my Quest. I can't yet ride with no hands, but the Crank Bro's have smoothed out the whole pedaling and steering process.
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