Quest 2 Hyration Pack?

Discussion in 'Adventure Series (Q451, Q559, QX100)' started by Romagjack, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Romagjack

    Romagjack Well-Known Member

    Would like to find a small hydration pack for the rack on my Quest 2. Would be great to find something that might fit in the triangle area of the rack so I could still use my trunk bag. Any ideas?
  2. bikerjohn

    bikerjohn New Member

    Bought a Quest 2.0 today

    After 8,000+ miles on my Sofrider Cruzbike, I've been completely convinced on the concept of SWB FWD recumbency. So today I pulled the trigger on the purchase of the new version Quest Cruzbike. I made the deal with "bikingwizard" an ebay seller for the purchase of a new Quest 2.0

    My stable is back up to 5 bikes (not all Cruzbikes). Perhaps it's time to sell or trade my Sofrider and my Globe Hybrid.
    Years ago when I began developing an interest in different bike designs, recumbency seemed like a sensible way to ride a bike. But I was unimpressed or should I say negatively impressed with the triple length chain drives, long wheel bases, and small wheels. After a bit of research and some trial rides on some 'bent designs, I was sure that for me the Short wheel base(SWB) was better than the Long wheel base designs. But the chain length bothered me until I stumbled upon the Front Wheel Drive(FWD) concepts.

    I'm a fairly competent research oriented consumer and the Cruzbike was an exciting design that has proved it's competency with a sound design concept. And having biked 8'000 miles over these past 3.5 years on my Sofrider has me convinced this is great ride whether commuting or touring. I like my other bikes too but recumbent designs just seem more sensible. Perhaps eventually I will become a recumbent only biker?

    The Quest has some upgrades in "new tech" biking such as an eccentric crank, plus an internal 3 speed hub paired with the 9 speed cassette not to mention Disc brakes too. And it's 11 pounds lighter than my current Cruzbike. I could have saved a few bucks buying a German made Flavobike -also a FWD design. But the Quest design seems more solid than Flavobike and it folds for compact shipping to take on vacations...
  3. Romagjack

    Romagjack Well-Known Member

    I found an hydration pack

    I found an hydration pack that works well on the Quest 2 rack. I plan to use it on a century ride this coming Thursday. It's a 50 oz. Camelbak FlashFlo LR lumbar pack. I just use the belt strap wrapped around the rack ends and snap the belt clips underneath the pack. I attached some double-sided velcro to the top of the seatback and changed out the drinking hose for an Camelbak insulated tube director (Got the hydration pack and tube director at The drinking hose comes over my right shoulder and works great.

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