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  1. Pollock

    Pollock New Member

    I am not, yet currently an owner of a CruzBike. I ride a different SWB, folding stick bike. As I do not yet have the bike handy for a comparison, I have a question on gearing an options.

    I live in the piedmont section of NC. The hills are not usually long, but they can be steep. Quick downhills without pedaling Imhit 32mph today. Of course, going up that same stretch requires proper gearing. My current SWB is a 20/26 and drops down to around 23GI which allows me to get up those step sections but some are more mash than spin at times.

    Plugging the stock QX100 into Sheldon Brown's calculator came out with something around 30GI on the low end. Should I use such a comparison between the CruzBike and another recumbent? It may be that the QX100 climbs just as well on those steep sections, but I'm at a loss if the comparison is really apples-to-apples.

    If I were to look at reducing the low end GI, what advice would you recommend? Compact MTB double? Will a triple fit well even if other components need to be replaced? Would it be better to replace the rear cogs to get a better low end? Both?

    For comparison, my current bike has a triple, but I never run the big ring; not enough flat ground to consider it worthwhile ;) I basically run a 30/42 crank and 11-34 rear cogs. For a non-speedy, this has worked out well and allows me to climb around here.

    The really steep hills I don't have to ride often. The rail-trails are not bad at all for hills which I ride more. The steeper road hills are good practice for climbing and I ride those only once every few weeks. It would be months after getting a QX before I would even try to tackle it.

  2. Gary123

    Gary123 Guru

    May sell a Q. In Charlotte area if u r interested.
  3. Pollock

    Pollock New Member

    Thanks Gary. I sent you a PM.
  4. Margo

    Margo Member

    The QX100 comes with 50/34 crank and 11-34 rear cogs. Hence the lowest gear is 34/34. I am also looking for a lower gear. Did you find a solution in the meantime?
  5. Pollock

    Pollock New Member

    I have not. I ended up not picking up a CruzBike yet.
  6. psychdrsteve

    psychdrsteve New Member

    What is the gear ration that would be sufficient for climbing a steep hill, do you think. 1:1 is a pretty good ratio. I ask out of ignorance, wondering if you have some experience with this matter.
  7. Emeljay

    Emeljay Well-Known Member

    I ride my lowest 34x34 gears up Phoenix South Mountain Park on my X100 at 64 years young (really I just barely make it at the steepest part near the top....sometimes I have to walk the bike up the steepest part near the top BUT I do it!!!)

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  8. Margo

    Margo Member

    In my experience 1:1 (34:34) works for slopes to 10%. If it gets steeper, for extended distances, it would be better to have lower gears. For my level of fitnes this is. Mountain bikes go down to 24:34 and even lower, as far as I know.
  9. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    On my Softrider and a Quest V1.0, I have a triple 44/33/23 with a 9 speed 11-34 cassette, which is OK for 15% grade, even damp clay+gravel!!!!
    This gives an effective 15 speed and 10% to 14% step changes.
  10. Margo

    Margo Member

    15% ? You are a beast!
    Is the highest gear 44/11 sufficient in the flat or on downward sloped streets?
  11. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    The 15% is ONLY achievable for about 400m, when pushing AND pulling on the pedals, before the engine runs out of steam!!!
    50 kph ( 31 mph) at 120 cadence on a 26"*1.3" tyre(87 gear inches), OR 57 kph (36 MPH) on a 26"*1.9" tyre(99 gear inches), so fast enough on the flat, as my average speed is only 25 kph (16 MPH), OR 20 kph (12 MPH) if loaded up with three panniers on a self supported tour!
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  12. Bentas

    Bentas Well-Known Member

    Hey Slim ,What length cranks do you use?
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  13. yangmusa

    yangmusa Member

    My Sofrider came with the stock double crank setup, and as a newbie rider I found it geared really high for general riding around San Francisco. One of the first things I did was to swap it out for a nice touring triple giving me a 24/34 low gear, and I actually used it a bit to start with. I think the whole crank/handlebars/steering aspect of MBB was tricky enough and mashing was out of the question. However, now that I have a lot of miles on the bike I barely ever need the granny gear. I've gone loaded touring through the hills in the Bay Area and never dropped lower than the middle ring up front. I have considered swapping back to the double, but will probably keep the triple since the weight difference is minor and that leaves me the option just in case.
  14. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    153 mm shortened cranks by Bikesmith, with Q rings!
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  15. Bentas

    Bentas Well-Known Member

    Do you have any pics of your loaded touring rig?
  16. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    [/ATTACH] P1140960.JPG P1140960.JPG Cardrona .JPG

    from the rear.
    I strapped my gillet or rain jacket to the rear to cover the black rear of the top pannier!
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  17. Bentas

    Bentas Well-Known Member

    Great! this really helps, I think I'm on the right track with my touring rig by the look of yours , lower BB , steeper seat angle, 26,36,46 up front , 11x36, 8speed cassette , 32 x 559 marathon plus tyre front ,700x32 rear , keeping the load low on "bob" trailer, bike almost complete will post pics soon.
    Great looking touring set up, by the way, thanks for quick response!
    Where was this pic taken, and lastly have you had to get off and walk much when touring?
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  18. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    These photos were taken On the south Island NZ, the first from the rear, was on a beautiful road to Okarito, near Franz Josef Glacier, and the second at the top of a 18% grade to Porters Pass, On the way to Arthur's Pass.
    In NZ most climbs start at 7% and most of it is at 9% which I can just do, but the last 400m is 14% to 18% grade, where I have to get off and stretch my leg muscles!!!
    The two low panniers were stable, but created a LOT of wind drag!!!
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