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  1. Just got home last afternoon. Felt so good to hose down, soap up, rinse off, and enjoy some beers with dearly missed friends! I left home from Davis, CA, weeks back and road up north to Portland for my father's retirement party. Stayed around Portland for a while where I had the fortune and great pleasure to see the Cruzbike team at the Portland International Raceway. I got to see the race, even road a few laps with them, got to see Maria's RAAM/3000-Miles-to-a-Cure documentary, and got a jersey! Then headed out on a big loop to see family and friends spread around the NorthWest.

    link to some pictures (these were taken on my crappy phone. The phone died the last week so there are no photos yet of the coastal section): https://www.facebook.com/marshall2389/media_set?set=a.10154196293845235.1073741832.906080234&type=3

    And here are some of the routes taken:
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    The Facebook Album isn't public

    The Facebook album isn't currently set to a public audience, so, looks like a dead link.
  3. Thanks, just made it public.

    Thanks, just made it public.
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    Elliot! What a ride!

    Elliot! Epic ride! #jealous
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    "The Man in Blue" is Tim Turner - on Bentrideronline = TimTurner.
    Yes he is VERY fast.

    Glad to be in the same picture with him for once! :)

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    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    I enjoyed the photos !
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    Great ride!

    Great ride! And impressive daily distances.

    I'd be very interested in knowing what rear rack you used (and how many pounds of stuff was on it), as well as tires, and how each performed. As well as any issues you had with the bike along the way.

    Thanks in advance,

  7. I don't know the make and

    I don't know the make and model of my rack. The dealer I bought the Quest from gave it to me after the first rack we put on didn't fit (I don't remember why). The rack clamps to the seatpost with 4 bolts giving a solid connection. This solid connection comes at a price. It takes forever to adjust the rack since the bolt heads face the back of the seat and are therefore inaccessible. The rack probably supported 15-20lbs of cargo. The very first time I hopped on the Quest after mounting the rack I noticed the pannier drops hit the rear brake assembly. I stopped, went behind my bike, then tried to gently spread the drops apart so that when my rear suspension acuates the drops don't strike the brake. The fragile aluminum drops immediately snapped. They are now reinforced with duck tape splinted with cut spokes. This makes for wobbly panniers. This wobble combined with the already loose rear end of the Quest makes for an incredibly wobbly ride that almost caused me to lose control many times. I don't recommend putting too much weight behind a Quest. A Silvio or Vendetta would handle it much better as the have a more rigid frame design between the seat and the rear wheel.

    The tires I started with were Ritchey Tom Slicks 26x1. I will not be buying these tires again. They wear much too quickly. I had at least 15 flat tires over the duration of my trip. I now have Continental Gatorskin 26/1-1/8 tires and am happy with them so far.

    Besides the flat tires and wobbly rear end, the Quest held up wonderfully and the trip was a blast. I am continually thankful for the extremely durable wheels that came with my Quest 1.0. So many times I have slammed into harsh road discontinuities and been sure that my front wheel must of have deformed only to find it true as ever.

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