Scottish Silivio 1.5

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  1. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    After a lot of deliberation I went an purchased a second hand Silivio 1.5 frame rather than a 2.0. I was looking for a Bike which while it is fast is really comfortable for long distances. A Grand Tourer (GT) maybe. I think am the third person to own this bike and only bought the frame set as it had to be posted to me. It also gave me the opportunity to build it up with the components I wanted to use with it.


    The plan is to buy an extension and try some short time trialing ( 10miles) or run it with panniers and a rack with my light wieght camping gear for s24o's

    The plan is to change the handle bar tape to grey as I think the red tape is a bit over powering at the moment.

    Campagnolo Centaur/Veloce Group set sourced second hand from Ebay.
    Wheel shared with my Wilier road bike Fulcrum 7s (I also have Fulcrum for TTs )

    Hopefully I will add to this thread over the year as I get on with this bike.

    looking forward to some great miles on the Silivio this year.



  2. Charles.Plager

    Charles.Plager Recumbent Quant

    That is a really pretty

    That is a really pretty machine. I really like the red accents.
  3. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    Red tape

    Keep the red bar tape. It looks good! Especially with your rims.
  4. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    +1 on the ?red bar tape. It

    +1 on the ?red bar tape. It looks good!
  5. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    Astrum 2 x 0.5 Watt LED Rear Cycle Light: now how do I mount it!

    Hi Folks

    I got this 0.5W light light running light and was wondering how I was going to fix it too the back of the Silivo 1.5. alt="enlightened" [​IMG]

    Ah ha - the pump body!! - Had to modify the mount a little to get the 45Deg rotation on the mount - but just a two minute job with a hobby knife.

    ps the pump is still fully functional without taking the light mount off!!



  6. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    Good on the light

    Good work with the light. What kind of bag is that?

  7. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    large Saddle Bag


    Its an old saddle bag that I inherited - search "large saddle bag" on ebay will lead you some very similar bags.



    "M Wave Large 3 Litre Bike Seat Saddle Carrier Bag Pack"


  8. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master


    Thanks CurryStomper
  9. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    Wilier Triestina v Silivio 1.5 over a 10 mile tt

    Hi Folks

    Going to set my Silivio 1.5 against the Wilier that I have been time trialing this year, My best time is 28m 53s. So what time do you think I can do on the Silivio and what is the best way to ride it??

    It will be the same course, wheels and tyres (I can swap the wheels between bikes).

    It will be different as it will be a different day and I will not have a number on my back. But the pride of Cruzbike will be on my shoulders!!

  10. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    Best of luck

    Best of luck....can't wait to read your results and your thoughts on the comparison of the two bikes.

  11. ak-tux

    ak-tux Guru

    Looking forward to the

    Looking forward to the comparison @?currystomper!

    However please allow your self some time to adopt to the Silvio to ensure you are able to generate the similar amount of power while on the reclined position. Practising on the silvio a 3 -4 times a week for a month or so would bring things a little closer to equal maybe.
  12. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    Yes there will be room for inprovement....


    Yes I think that this will be only the start of the journey to a fast time. My ultimate goal is to beat my time on the diamond by over a minute as then the Silivio will be competing with time trial bike for speed over this distance.

    I have had a Cruz conversion for a number of years, so I'm not starting from nothing - but yes I've not done a lot of miles on the Silivio, so there should be improvements over time. However you you learn a lot by going at full power - so its going to be interesting!!!

    (I'm also interested to see how the introduction of arm power on the Silivio will improve my power as well as the better aero....)


  13. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    So that's the first one

    Hi Folks

    Not had a lot of time on the bike so far- but today the rain seemed to be every where but at the 10 mile circuit - so I gave it ago. Had my road tyres on, a full bottle, pump etc as I'd setup for a road ride.

    So what did I get... a 29m 42s

    So not bad - in the middle of this years Willier's times. Got the end and wasn't the wreak that I normally am - I think the limiting factor was my control of the Cruz, I'm not 100% happy with the control I have with the standard bars at race speed, Its OK normally, but I was hanging on when I was giving it lots - not sure I've got them set up correctly.

    Ran out of gears down one of the hills, had to slow for a car that over took me and then stopped to turn into a petrol station. So there is a few secs there. I note that my highest and lowest speeds are on the Cruz.

    now need to get more miles with the throttle wide open:) (sorry: watching the Isle of Man TT on the TV while writing this).


  14. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Looking at your photos, you

    Looking at your photos, you might try rotating the bars upward so that the drop/hand grip part of the bar is more perpendicular to the boom. Just a suggestion.
  15. bladderhead

    bladderhead Zen MBB Master

    So, currystomper nearly got

    So, currystomper nearly got run over. Why do drivers do this? Overtake and immediately turn in? I hate this.
  16. Shahmatt

    Shahmatt Active Member

    It could be that some drivers

    It could be that some drivers don't view cyclists as vehicles to be used on the road.

    I like to assert my presence by taking the lane. When I see a vehicle approach from behind I move left (this would be move right in the states) to give them room to overtake. I find that when drivers see me "move to the left" they treat me with more respect and the odds of an irresponsible overtake reduce.

    Not sure exactly what the psychology is here, but I expect that its a combination of "He knows I'm back here with that rear view mirror", "He's giving me room to overtake", "What kind of bicycle is that anyway?". And these bewildering thoughts make said driver more cautious.

    If I can't move out of the way safely I still acknowledge approaching driver with a raised hand in the stop sign, followed by a thumbs up. Just so that he knows that I'm not keeping him unnecessarily. Most drivers seem to like being acknowledged by strange cyclist guy, and my theory is that the thumbs up could be interpreted as an appreciation of their superior driving skills.

    I generally thumb up drivers who maneuver safely anyway. With luck any good mood it brings will help keep the driving safe.

  17. TalleyHo

    TalleyHo Active Member

    vehicular riding

    Thanks, Shahmatt, for sharing your approach to riding; I'd actually never considered that and am really inspired by the idea. Previously I would only take the lane when I wanted to discourage passing, for various safety reasons. But to always, as a matter of course, take the lane and only move over to facilitate the passing of the faster vehicle is way cool! It takes us out of second-class status into being a courteous, responsible and skilled vehicular driver, promoting good will and more safety. I'm definitely going to try that.
  18. currystomper

    currystomper Well-Known Member

    nice action pic

  19. Gromit

    Gromit Guru

    HDR mode in use on the smartphone?

    Nice photo apart from the "ghost" third wheel.
    It looks like you took Jeremy S's advice and rotated the handlebars up a bit?
  20. Robert Holler

    Robert Holler Administrator Staff Member

    Very nice ride!!

    Very nice ride!!
  21. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    I really like the bike and

    I really like the bike and that big smile sure looks like you are really enjoying it too!


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