Sofrider V2 steerer tube diameter?

Discussion in 'Sofrider' started by Rampa, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Rampa

    Rampa Well-Known Member

    So I got reasonably good at riding the Sofrider today that I got yesterday. Already being a rider of a slightly twitchy highracer probably helped. After an hour I could do figure eights and accelerate to 25 MPH fairly easily. I think I'm hooked! :)

    It has the super long bolt to set the bearing pre-load. I just kind of assumed that the steerer on the fork was 1 1/8th", but realized it could be smaller inside the extension tube while seeming larger.

    I could just take it apart and see for myself, but thought I'd ask first. I want to find a Dia-Tech headset, as they are a great design that eliminates the super-length bolt.

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