Spring has sprung

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  1. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    Not much to report, just happy that after rotting on the couch all winter (too lazy for winter training) I finally got out and did my regular 20ish mile loop today (on the Minuteman Bikeway). Temperatures were up near 50 degrees, and the sun even came out for the return trip. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous after not riding in months, but there was no need. A bit of mud from melting snow caused some slippery starts, no big deal. However I was shockingly slow and the couple of short hills near the end were quite a bit harder than I remembered -- someone needs to get back in shape! I also need to finally take out the slack I left in my cable housings, I think the thigh interference is throwing off my pedal stroke. That will be a bit of work, redoing the cables, rewrapping the bars, and retuning everything, just when I seemed to have it all dialed in...sigh.

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