Squeaking in boom area

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  1. paulbostick

    paulbostick Member

    Anyone having a creak or squeak in the boom area of their Silvio 2.0.I have a creak in mine under stress or when going up hill. I have all Allen bolts good And tight.also three flat tire in three days on front
  2. Andrew 1973

    Andrew 1973 Zen MBB Master

    Noisescan be hard to track down...

    ...I had a creaking sound that I thought was my bottom bracket; my mechanic agreed and tighfened the BB, cranks.and pedals. The sound was still there. As it turns out, my rear skewer was worn out.

    That said, grease and a torque wrench are good to have when going over your boom. I would lightly grease all sliding fittings and any bolts. If the bolts have blue LocTite on them, then just go with that - no grease. My boom on my Silvio v. 1 creaked a little until I gave every bolt a once-over.
  3. Jeremy S

    Jeremy S Dude

    After adjusting my boom, I

    After adjusting my boom, I heard some serious creaking during my ride today... but it went away on its own after a few miles.
  4. scabinetguy

    scabinetguy Well-Known Member

    I had that noise

    I found that the noise was do to my upside down installation of the tapered bearing sleeve on the front fork.
  5. MrSteve

    MrSteve Zen MBB Master


    There are a lot of parts in a wheel assembly.
    Make sure that your drive wheel is true, tuned, lubed and undamaged!

  6. Drew

    Drew Active Member

    I had a couple squeaks that

    I had a couple squeaks that developed after 500 km. The first problem was the seat pan fit. This was corrected with rubber washers on the front bolts.

    Next, I loosened every bolt on the front end along with the front skewer and pivot clamp. I lightly greased where I could (bolts, rear shock elastomer and front shock boot) and torqued the bolts again. The squeak is no longer there.

    Before I did this work on the front end I had a BB clamp bolt shear off while I was riding. I noticed after my front derailleur jumped out of alignment as the BB clamp shifted. I may have over-torqued that one bolt so be careful and learn from my mistake.
  7. Rod

    Rod New Member

    I have heard a creek a few

    I have heard a creek a few times on my Silvio 1.5, I did not see any info on what to torque any of the bolts. Does anyone know what that should be for the various bolts?
  8. BentBierz

    BentBierz Well-Known Member

    Drew said:
    I noticed after my

    Drew said:
    I love my torque wrenches. While assembling my Silvio 2.0, I am hard pressed to think of a fastener I haven't torqued yet. For frame fasteners that don't have a documented torque, I have a general purpose chart hung on my garage bulletin board that lists values for dry and lubed fasteners.

    I'm sure some will call it unnecessary but I'm not working in a high volume bike shop where time is money and I tend to strong arm fasteners way too often...not something you want to do on a bike.
  9. Ivan

    Ivan Guru

    Larry, what torque wrenches

    Larry, what torque wrenches are you using and do you have a URL link to them?
  10. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    I have a Topeak D-Torq Wrench

    I have a Topeak D-Torq Wrench DX. I like it a lot. It includes a case and various bits and has a range of 4-80 Nm which is perfect for bicycle parts. Pretty expensive but very nice.


  11. Jake514

    Jake514 Member

    Thanks Eric

    You answered one of my questions in my mental queue.
  12. Eric Winn

    Eric Winn Zen MBB Master

    Mental telepathy is one of my

    Mental telepathy is one of my other talents but strangely it doesn't work with people's psychic turn signals...
  13. thaddeus

    thaddeus New Member

    Creak in Silvio 1

    Here's my post on how I solved the creak in my secondhand Silvio 1.0, having first ensured that the BB clamps were correctly adjusted for my X seam (and not the first owner's):


    Best of luck,

    Warwick Dunbar

  14. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Had the creaking front end on

    Had the creaking front end on the Vendetta. Turned out it was a bad front Skewer. Put my spare CB provided one in and poof all golden. I like simple fixes.

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