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  1. Paruig

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    Not enough to fit a mudguard.
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    Hello all,
    i got the idea of getting a frame and putting the parts of my well-used Fahrradmanufaktur T-50 on it to save costs. One question i got now, is if other brakes besides discbrakes are possible too.
    thx in advance for answers
  3. In the photo, what type of mount is that holding the computer on the boom? Where to get one?
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  4. super slim

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    Terra Cycle Multipurpose accessory.
    I don't know what your steerer?? stem diameter is so you need to measure it.
  5. DavidJL

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    I um using an Origin8 double crank, 110 mm bolt circle with a 113 mm spindle and have a great chainline. Actually, this is basically what's on the QX100 bike. It looks like a triple crank would work, but it would be very close if it did. Wondering if triple cranks will disappear, because a triple crank with a straight block cassette gives a nice wide range with closely spaced gears.
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  6. NeaL

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    I'm right on the verge of ordering three T50 frame sets for my kids. Ol' dad is still going to have his beat-up Sofrider and hopefully a trike, soon.
    Tangent: I'm currently considering between a Trident Trike Titan, Terratrike Magnum XL, ICE Adventure HD, or a Greenspeed Rover. If anyone knows of any other brands of trikes offering a model with a 300lbs rider weight capacity rating, please let me know.

    Since these T50s are for my kids, and I'm not all too familiar with the hardware parts, standards, tooling, compatibility, sources, brands, etc. for all of the other needed components, we'll be working with a local bike shop for sourcing parts. I like doing what I can to help support small brick & mortar, mom & pop businesses, anyway.
    I know my kids will want things to be colorful. Well, except my son. He wants black, all black, a stealth bike, but once he heard that red-colored cable covers are available, he's thinking of all-black but with some red accents.

    I don't know if anyone else here is into archery but there's a brand called Genesis which makes youth bows. The brand is sorta a spin-off from their parent company, Mathews. Yes, that's spelled correctly with only one T in it.
    On the Genesis website is a really cool feature for building your own bow with a wide variety of color choices. My kids have had a lot of fun on that site, trying out all of the possible color combinations they could come up with.

    Give it a try. Scroll down and test it out. Wouldn't something like this be awesome for bicycles, too?

    Since there isn't a similar website for youth bikes, that I know of, we'll just have to use our imaginations. Hopefully their interests in bicycling will have enough longevity that their bikes will continue to change and upgrade over time.

    From the Cruzbike accessories page, we'll also be getting rear racks for each of them. I'm hoping to take the kids on bike-packing camping trips up along the C&O canal, so we'll need tires for dirt & gravel roads and paved surfaces. As much as I like the efficiency of a single ring on the front, I also like having as full a range of options as possible in case they're ever needed. But these are for the kids, so they'll be choosing what they want, as the bike shop guy and I talk it over with them. The components don't need to be top-of-the-line, but no cheap crap parts, either.

    I'll post pictures later when the builds are done. I should have just held off on posting but the anticipation has me feeling really anxious to jabber about it right now.

    UPDATE, Friday 01 December 2017: Three T50 frames now ordered! Whoo-hoo!
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  7. super slim

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    I would go for a 20" front 26" rear, especially if going on dirt roads, so the rear derailleur does not put the chain 1/2" away from the ground if using a 1.3 or 1.5" rear tyre!

    HP Velotechnik Geko 26, Folding F20" R 26" NO with suspension, 130 kg (330 lb) rated, ackerman cross link steering for high speed stability, 40mm tyres + mesh seat for suspension (needs 50 mm tyres at 35 psi)
    https://hostelshoppe.com/HP-Velotechnik-2018-Gekko-26-39005/ $1890 from Hostel Shoppe

    Greenspeed Magnum XL, Folding F20" F 20" NO with suspension, 181 kg (400 lb) rated, ackerman cross link steering for high speed stability, 50mm tyres + mesh seat for suspension (WORKS WELL!)
    https://hostelshoppe.com/Greenspeed-2017-Magnum-SD-30642/ $3290 from Hostel Shoppe

    HP Velotechnik Scorpion 2 30 speed, Folding F20" R 26" REAR suspension, 130 kg (330 lb) rated, ackerman cross link steering for high speed stability, 40mm tyres + Hard shell seat (needs 50 mm FRONT tyres at 35 psi)
    https://hostelshoppe.com/HP-Velotechnik-2017-Scorpion-2-30spd-39067/ $3790 from Hostel Shoppe

    I would look for second hand trikes of these models as MUCH cheaper!!!
  8. Suz

    Suz Well-Known Member

    Hi Neal, I have a Terratrike for sale. I can post pictures later if you are interested. I'm asking $1500. The only problem is I have no idea what shipping would cost. We can chat about it if you are interested. Here are the specs.

    • Model: Wiz Wheelz Terra Trike Access - Cosmic Orange
    • Boom Length: Adjustable Boom
    • Front Gearing: Schlumpf High Speed Drive 27/67.5 170mm cranks
    • Front Derailleur: N/A Schlumpf drive. (The Schlumpf drive basically gives you a high 8 and a low 8 speed.)
    • Rear Derailleur: N/A Internal Hub
    • Front Wheels: Stock Aluminum Wiz Wheelz Wheels
    • Rear Wheel & Gearing: Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Premium Hub: Sun City Lite Custom Hand-Made
    • Front Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20 x 1.75 tires
    • Rear Tire: Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20 x 1.75 tire
    • Idlers: Terra Cycle AL Front and Stock Delrin Rear
    • Chain: KMC Z72 8-Speed Chain - STOCK
    • Pedals: Stock Platform Pedals
    • Brakes: Unique 160mm Disc Brakes
    • Brake Levers: Stock Promax Brake Levers
    • Front Shifter: Grip Only (no shifter, due to Schlumpf drive)
    • Rear Shifter: Shimano Revo Twist Grip
    • Seat: Stock Mesh Seat
    • Fenders: Large Rear Fender
    • Safety Mirror: Double Mirrors
    Tool Bag

    Edit: I just realized this may not be weight rated for 300 lbs.
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  9. Paruig

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    My T50 is now a T20
    • Silvio bars
    • 1 x 11 drivetrain
    • 150mm cranks
    • Carbon Seat
    • Ventisit seatpad
    • 26x2.3" tyres
    I want to find a stem with less rise to match the boom angle. T20.jpg
  10. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    That looks very good and comfortable!

    Could you please take some photos showing the mounting of the seat base, and the two rear stay top and bottom connections, and the stay dia, wall thickness.

    How much side and top clearance do you have on the front tyre to the fork?

    I think that the Emaljay conversion for a Silvio V1.0 BB tube and handlebar Slider tube arrangement will give a stronger power triangle!

    Hopefully the new QX100 will have a Emaljay front end, hopefully with the handlebar Slider tube being LARGER than the BB tube, so stronger, like the Silvio V2.0 onwards.
  11. Frisard

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    Performer has a stem that swings up/down (hinge) at the stem. Will get you more info after I find mine in the garage.
  12. Frisard

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  13. DavidCH

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    Gosh... that's incredible what you have done.

    Mine is still in its box. You have motivated me.
  14. snilard

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    Few photos of our T50.

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  15. RAR

    RAR Well-Known Member

    Snilard, that looks great. Nice job.
  16. super slim

    super slim Zen MBB Master

    Great looking set up, especially the FULL length mudguards front and rear!
    AND that you can transport the bike on a train!
  17. kling

    kling Active Member

    Thanks for all the tips and inspiration. Have built a 1x12 T50.
    By the time I ordered components, SRAM GX Eagle was available and was intrigued by the possibility (piqued by Lim's post).

    Copy of Doug Kline's T50, apart from GX Eagle groupset (XG-1275 10-50 cassette, trigger shifter, 170mm crankset, 32t chainring) and PDW Loading Dock rack

    GX Eagle works very nicely. 1x setups rock for MBB.
    I haven't tried a steep hill yet, but from riding on flats think have geared the bike a bit low.

    TRD Spyre disc brakes are so much better than the Tektro Aquila on the wife's Quest.

    Very happy
    IMG_6486 (1).jpg

    IMG_6471 (1).jpg
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  18. rx7mark

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    Gearing- I have the GX 11spd 11-42 with a 42 tooth chaining and 26inch wheels with 1.85 tires. I have been riding my T50 for about 6 months and only occasionally wish for either a lower gear or a higher gear. With your 10-50, I would think a chaining in the 40-48 size would be perfect, depending on you priorities.

    My gear range: 28.39 to 108.43

    Your current range: 18.17 to 90.83 definitey geared for low speed and extreme hills.

    With a 42: 23.84 to 119.22. Nice range!

    With a 40: 22.71 to 113.54 also nice!

    With a 38: 21.57 to 107.87 most of your existing low end and matches my top end.

    With a 48: 27.25 to 136.25. Maybe a little fast for a T50?

    I wish I had known about the 12spd when I purchased mine. Might try a conversion to 11-49.

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  19. kling

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    Thanks for the insight into the gearing calculations Mark.

    I looked at your Wald=>Soma Gator handlebar migration discussion and have now reversed my handlebars to allow a more relaxed arm position.

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