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    I found the same issue with the 26in wheelset availability, especially if you want to run a fatter tire. The WTB frequency i25 that I mentioned earlier is available in 26 and has 29mm outer width. The Velocity Cliffhanger is also available in 26in and is 30mm wide, but a little heavier. Anybody have any other recommendations? I am leaning towards the WTB because of the bead geometry for tubeless applications.

    So what is the recommended rim width range for a street tire in the 1.75-2.25 inch range? Almost all the websites only quote MTB tire sizes.
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    Rims didn't wider till the last few years so there's nothing wrong with a 22-25mm internal width rim for 2.2 and narrower tires. After all that's what we ran in all of the 90's and early 2000's. A tire is a tire, the quoted width is of the same importance whether it be mtb or road spec'd. If I was going 26er wheels and disc brakes I'd go with these because for that price it's hard to beat what you're getting and I love carbon things.


    If I was going to build my own wheels I'd go with the wider enduro rims just because the beefy rim would look cool with the fat slicks.

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    I was late to the party and couldn't get a green frame, so I'm getting a black frame to match the V20.
    I have a donor stick-bike with a pair of 26" wheels: Rohloff 14-speed hub for the front and SON dynohub for the back (disk brakes).
    I am going see if I can use a ProblemSolvers Eccentric 46 bottom bracket shell (or something like it) so it does not need a chain tensioner and can have a nice, clean chain line.
    Also a pair of Compass 26 x 1.8 tubeless tires, and one of those cool looking racks that come with the deluxe models.
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  6. RojoRacing

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    With a 14 speed gear range I'm sure you could find a chainring cog combo that'll get the tension close enough to work.
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    Do note that the chainstay length changes with boom adjustment since the front end is not a true triangle. This doesn't meant that an eccentric BB won't work. You'll just have to adjust it to compensate. I would like to know more about the eccentric BB because I have a NuVinci wheel I could use.
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    Well for my 10 cents. If the bike is going to be travelled on non ashfelt bike paths it might be good to put some easy maintenance gear on.

    Now that's interesting idea coming from me! This bike isn't perhaps a race horse but a pony. So I still have the twist grips from the old cruzbike conversion kit too. I like the new age idea of having a great big cassette on the front with just one chainring, sure looks good on a mountain bike. Guess we get a better idea of what we can get away with by the type of bottom bearing bracket can be used. Does anyone know?

    Time for a cleanup, I would say!

    I have been trying for ages to sell an old road bike but it's not going and the Shimano 105 groupset from it also looks like a good candidate.

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    Well then you need to know about this; if you want to use non-xd drivers wheels:
    11-42 on a traditional hub....
  10. DavidCH

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    Wow... that 11:42 must be able to allow you to go anywhere!
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    I am new to Cruzbike and scored a red frame set. Not new to bents. Started riding bent in 1994 when I bought a Gardner Martin Tour Easy. Since then have had more 2 wheel bents and trikes than I care to count. I like to buy frames and build them, that way I can spec just the way I like. My latest frame build was a RANS V2. Of course the next will be the T50.

    Have all the parts that I need for building the T50. It will have a Velocity Thracian wheelset with Conti Gatorskins and a Shimano 1x11 drivetrain. Cassette is 11-42 with a 42 tooth narrow-wide chainring.
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    SA 8sp instead. Comes with a 28/32/36 hole option and twist shifter is the standard. Been running one for 1500 miles lovely on my V2k. Although you'll want a 33T or smaller chain ring since 1:1 is 1st.
  13. defjack

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    Im going with Shimano XT 9 speed with short 153 Ultegra crank not sure about wheels yet. I will be selling my Silvio s1 to fund this bike. Brakes Avid BB7 with 160 rotors.
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  14. Doug Kline

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    I picked up a pair of red T50 framesets, his and hers. For the first one, I'm building my first 1x11 bike as below. If I like it around town and on the greenways better than my hybrid, then I'll cannibalize the hybrid and build out the second T50 with SRAM 2x10 with doubletap flatbar shifters. My only real tripping point with the T50 is disc brakes only. I don't have those wheels or brakes sitting around. I'd also prefer shorter crank arms, but that would add too much money for this build.

    T50 Red Frameset
    Origin8 CitiClassic Handlebar silver
    [edited] 1 1/8 inch stem wtih 25.4mm clamp (whatever length is in my parts box)
    Oury Lock-On Grips
    26" Mavic Crossride wheels with a TS-2 freehub body
    Mavic XD driver adapter (MAV0521)
    Continential Top Contact II 26x2.0 tires (or Travel Contact as I've used for years)
    SRAM Rival-1 42t Crankset (170mm)
    BBG Bashguard (haven't done this before, may need longer bolts)
    Egg Beater 3 pedals
    SRAM XG-1180 10-42t cassette
    SRAM PC-1170 Chain
    SRAM Force 1 Rear Derailleur 11 Speed, Long Cage (Exact Actuation)
    SRAM S-700 11 speed trigger shifter
    Wheels Manufacturing GXP BB with angular contact bearings
    Avid BB7 Road S Mechanical Disc Brake 140mm
    Avid BB7 Road S Mechanical Disc Brake 160mm
    [edited from feedback, removing Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers]
    [edited] SRAM 700 Flat Bar Brake Lever Set (short pull)
    Jagwire cables and housing
    TorTec Ultralite Rear Rack Black
    Ortlieb panniers
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  15. super slim

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    If you are use MTB Avid brake levers, you need Avid MTB BB7 brake disks caliper.
    It will be a very good looking and capable bike
  16. Doug Kline

    Doug Kline Well-Known Member

    Thanks for pointing out that compatibility. I found a good deal on the BB7 Road S calipers, so I'll keep those and switch to short pull levers.
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  17. Doug Kline

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    It looks like the frameset does not include a stem. I need to add that to my parts pile. Does anyone know if the steering tube is 1 1/8 inch? What's a typical stem length on these bikes?
  18. super slim

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    My Quest and Softrider have 1 1/8"steering tubes, so I assume the T50 is the same!
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    If you use Avid Speed Dial 7 levers you can adjust them for either short or long pull.

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