To chamois, or not to chamois, that is the question

Discussion in 'Ladies Locker Room' started by pluckyblond, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. pluckyblond

    pluckyblond Member

    Our outdoor riding season is effectively over (we're in's a bit brisk out there this time of year and neither of us are snow bunnies so we start indoor season when the frost starts)...I can say we were fortunate enough not to have tested the durability of either the soccer or softball sliding shorts this year so I can't give any abrasion testing results. But, from a comfort standpoint, I was quite happy with the softball shorts. They're light weight and breath well. They became my favorites to wear especially on 80+ mile rides in the summer heat. There were a couple mentions of 'modesty' which is where I think the softball/baseball shorts would fail those of a male persuasion because of the light weight material in the nether regions. Ratz would have to chime in on the Soccer shorts he was trying out.

    The running pants are alright, although I feel like they have seams in all the wrong places.

    I had contemplated tri shorts, however, being of the female persuasion I can't convince myself to voluntarily wear a pad...when I don't have to. I see quite a few suggestions here that are intriguing to research!
  2. Always-Learnin

    Always-Learnin Loving Life

    I could have used some extra protection the other day when my front tire decided to go flat during a came the tire, and off came the first experience with actual road rash.
  3. Gary123

    Gary123 Well-Known Member

    My biggest fear on cruzbike. U flat u fall. May not be true for all but it seems to be for me. That's why I wear elbow pads. "We ride and never worry about the fall I guess that's just the cruzbiker in us all"
  4. Gary123

    Gary123 Well-Known Member

    Apologies to Tim McGraw
  5. DavidCH

    DavidCH In thought; expanding the paradigm of traversity

    My idea, as everything is, is if I fear something, then I attract it. LOL

    I still carry a pump in case someone needs it
  6. Gary123

    Gary123 Well-Known Member

    I've actually only flatted once on vendetta. But the results left quite an impression (especially on my right elbow. Feeling more comfortable every time out but I watch for road hazards very carefully. I would like to hear from cruzbikers who had front blowouts and the results ( hopefully survivor stories)
  7. pluckyblond

    pluckyblond Member

    No front flat for me, but I did have a construction nail go through my rear tire and the rim once, but that resulted in nothing more than an over aggressive wobble, mostly from the shock of the noise. That was on a Silvio.

    My only falls, so far, on the Silvio or the Vendetta have been doing stupid things at slow speeds.
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  8. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Off to the parking lot with you; do you figure-8's before you make me look bad. :cool:
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  9. Gary123

    Gary123 Well-Known Member

    Through the rim! Never heard of that.
  10. ratz

    ratz Wielder of the Rubber Mallet

    Oh it was impressive. that was a once in 20000 mile puncture and she did it at her 20th mile ever. I tried to inflate the tire for an entire day before I found the punctured under neath the rim strip. The nail basically made a new spoke hole. But nothing a little permatex couldn't fix
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  11. hoyden

    hoyden Well-Known Member

    A couple weeks ago I had a S30 front blowout when the sidewall failed. Riding along a tangent and suddenly, pow. I brought the bike to a controlled stop without incident. I can't say the same result would happen in a curve. This was my first blowout in 16 years of recumbent riding. I am still mulling over in my mind whether I could mount 1.5x26 tires because the 700x28 just aren't as durable or reliable.
  12. hoyden

    hoyden Well-Known Member

    My blowout experience has given me an opportunity to reconsider my biking risks. I am my own rival so I can moderate my risk without impacting my relative performance. I've made a decision to slow down more when turning or going over discontinuities in the road since I believe these events generate greater tire stress. I save my all-0ut, pedals to the metal, efforts for the tangent trail segments.
  13. hoyden

    hoyden Well-Known Member

    The neat part about that is you have a little souvenir to remember that incident. I don't know that I would have had the insight to use a spot of red or some rim contrasting color, to highlight the event.
  14. Always-Learnin

    Always-Learnin Loving Life

    Me too... I had just gotten back on my DF bike after a short rest. I proceeded out of the driveway of a Chevron Stop-N-Go (about 20 miles from my home) and gone about ten feet when all heck broke loose. Weird sounds began emanating from my rear wheel. There to my amazement, was a 4 inch nail sticking right through the side of my rim. Fortunate for me, that day there was a roving bicycle mechanic who was able to get me back on the road and safely home.
  15. BJ686

    BJ686 Active Member

    I like the bike shorts from Eleven Pine ( No pad, but you can wear a padded liner if you wanted to. Great thing about these shorts is that the convert from being "body tight" to "more relaxed" on the fly. Also, even in the relaxed mode, they can be tightened at the end of the leg/thigh so they don't balloon up when riding
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  16. ChaleJake

    ChaleJake Well-Known Member

    Thanks for link. Those look like just the thing for me.
  17. ReklinedRider

    ReklinedRider Zen MBB Master

    They do look worth a try.
  18. jond

    jond Zen MBB Master

    My mankini borat style works well for fast pedalling trying to dodge the lynch mob.

    Seriously though assos tf mille most comfy long distance pad ever. But compared to my Kmart Lycra no pad turn the seams inside out. And riding the v comfort it is no contest. You don't need a pad with the cruz comfort.
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  19. KneeDrachen

    KneeDrachen Member

    I have used Kucharik recumbent bib shorts (link not allowed here). They have held up reasonably well and are pretty basic in construction. I am glad there is not a chamois for when I was triking, but the material feels kind of cheap. I usually ride in Voler Jet bibs or Aerotech Designs bibs (both with chamois). I already have sunk my money in to the clothing, might as well get my use out of it.
  20. trapdoor2

    trapdoor2 Zen MBB Master

    I haven't bought from Kucharik but they appear to have stuff that is big enough for us, "ahem", larger folk. ;)

    Personally, I have simply removed any pre-existing pads from all my recumbent bike-wear. I have a set of Pearl-Izumi bib shorts that I simply went after with a stitch-ripper. They've lasted for nearly 10 yrs now. I also dug out my old Nashbar bibs (full length) this past week...but I don't remember if they originally came with chamois or not.

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