To chamois, or not to chamois, that is the question

Discussion in 'Ladies Locker Room' started by pluckyblond, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Vicki C.

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    I just ride what people who don't cycle used to call "bicycle shorts" that are spandex with no padding. I like Aero Tech, but honestly I buy what I see on sale. Winter I wear whatever Lycra tights I find for a decent price and Fall and Spring will wear Lycra knickers or capris. I am in California and I find good prices on things at Ross Stores and Marshalls or even Target or Walmart, or Costco. I don't find I need technical for that. I also do buy T-shirts that wick occasionally for casual cycling and I also have probably 20+ DF jerseys that I also wear. I ordered recumbent jerseys once and I did not like the fit, although the front and/or side pockets were nice. I do get more technical with cycling outerwear, although running gear works, and real cycling socks also in Winter. I do buy sun protective arm and leg warmers, but they also don't have to cycling specific. It really is a great thing about riding recumbents that we can get clothing that works at whatever budget we prefer.
  2. tiltmaniac

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    'Jammer' tri-shorts (which are also swimming) work quite well. Spandex/lyrca, etc. with the appropriate modesty paneling/liners to prevent chafing.

    Perfect for 'bents, though I prefer 2015's models to this year's.
  3. SamP

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    My favorite shorts were some stretchy not quite knee length women's yoga shorts (I'm male). Thick enough they didn't have see-through problems some brands were having problems with. Unfortunately they didn't survive my big crash at the beginning of June, where they probably got some rips, followed by the emergency room visit where they were cut off.

    I hit an obstruction in a multi-use path that I didn't see, a bollard mount (no bollard in place), at about 30 mph, too fast for that path, which flipped me on my right side and I skidded about 10 yards before coming to a stop, my CruzBike Conversion Kit bike continued just a little further taking my left leg with it before the clips released, leaving me under my bike with my left leg in a position I normally can't get into. Turns out I broke my femur. I've got a little road rash on my knee, arm, and shoulder, though curiously not my hip or the rest of my right leg. I have yet to really inspect my bike and helmet, though I saw the front was flat at the scene. I suspect the helmet did its duty and will need to be replaced.
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  4. twhbent

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    I totally agree with BJ686.
    In MHO the't be beat. Have been riding with them(uprising version) since May and no problems what so ever. Don't use the padding just a pair of wicking undies and your set to go. They do adjust at the leg endings and also have a leg length adjustable opening with 2 zippered pockets up front. These shorts worked great on my recent RAGBRAI trip. The leg openings can be expanded when walking around while sight seeing between rides. Just my $.02 worth.
  5. Elisa

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    I started riding on my S40 with Giro Truant Short. They are comfortable and you can pull them up to make a tight fit on your thighs, so no worry about bugs flying in.
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  6. DavidCH

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    I have these as well. Never tried pulling the legs up... love the pockets..
  7. LarryOz

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    Yeah - bugs flying in at 30mph (or any speed come to think of it!) - not my cup of tea!
  8. snilard

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    I would say that bikes like Vendetta and Silvio should not be ridden in baggy. But in case of S40 it may tolerated :p:p:p it is not as aero as Vendetta or old S30. :cool::cool::cool::cool:

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